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How We Got the Bible

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2016 Christian Book of the Year Award Winner in Bible Reference

From Moses to Gutenberg, easily find out how we got the Bible we have today and discover why we can trust it with this highly visual and easy-to-understand handbook on the history of Bible! Dive into the fascinating stories of the people who risked their lives to print and distribute the Word of God (Tyndale, Wycliffe, etc). Perfect for personal or small group use.

Have you ever wondered where the Bible came from? Who wrote the books of the Bible and how did they end up together? Perhaps you have been asked by a friend or coworker about books that were cut out of the Bible. Through seven dynamic chapters in How We Got the Bible, expert Dr. Timothy Paul Jones will guide you through all the important questions about the Holy Bible to show you why it can be trusted. Filled with dramatic stories and highly visual charts and illustrations, this exciting Bible History handbook will take you from the earliest clay tablets and papyrus copies to the first bound Bible and the various Bible translations that we use today! Discover the following:

  • Three ways the Bible is unlike any other “Holy Book”
  • What it means when we say that the Bible is inspired and inerrant
  • What people did to preserve the text of the Bible over the centuries
  • How we know that the Old and New Testament are reliable
  • The stories behind names like John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Gutenberg, and King James I

4 Key Features of the How We Got the Bible Handbook

1. Get a Simple Overview of the History of the Bible (Covers More Than 3,500 Years)
Enjoy having a concise overview of the Bible’s entire history at your fingertips. With this book, you can firmly grasp what biblical reliability means in six engaging and easy-to-understand chapters, packed with key events and people to deepen your understanding of the history of the Bible. Includes the following:

2. Provides Solid Proofs for Why You Can Trust the Bible
Easily compare today’s Bible with the Dead Sea Scrolls and many more early church records from past centuries to see how carefully the texts have been translated and recorded. Enjoy getting a simple explanation of the Bible’s reliability with basic apologetics.

3. Packed with Fascinating Stories of Key People and Events
History can be a dry and tedious subject—but not with the How We Got the Bible handbook! Easily absorb important facts and information in a fun and easy-to-understand way that will have you not wanting to put this book down, such as:

4. Filled with Visual Charts, Definitions, and Additional Resources
Save hours looking up technical terms and searching for extra timelines and charts—it’s all here in one easy-to-understand handbook! With the flip of a page, you’ll find charts simplifying technical definitions, an English Bible Translations Comparison, and references to give you a complete overview of how the Bible was formed.

These related resources are also available (each sold separately):

  • How We Got the Bible Complete Kit (UPC 031809035658 or ISBN 9781628622072) which contains a DVD plus additional resources
  • How We Got the Bible DVD Bible Study (UPC 031809035665 or ISBN 9781628622065)
  • Paperback edition of How We Got the Bible Leader Guide (ISBN 9781628622089, also available as an e-book)
  • Paperback edition of How We Got the Bible Participant Guide (ISBN 9781628622126, also available as an e-book) with session outlines, discussion questions, definitions, and timelines. Buy a copy of the participant guide for each person.
  • How We Got the Bible PowerPoint (ISBN 9781890947460) with dozens of slides providing even more in-depth information.

Timothy Paul Jones is a CBA bestselling and award-winning author, scholar, and professor of leadership and church ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he coordinates family ministry programs and serves as editor of The Journal of Family Ministry. He has earned the Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies, a Master of Divinity with focus in church history and New Testament, as well as the Doctor of Philosophy degree. He has authored, coauthored, or contributed to more than a dozen books.


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    Digital list price: $14.99
    Save $5.25 (35%)