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Products>The Song of Songs (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries | TOTC)

The Song of Songs (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries | TOTC)

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This Old Testament book, ‘the best of songs’, has fascinated and perplexed interpreters for centuries. We hear the passionate melody of romantic love, and are confronted by erotic imagery—but whose love is described? Is it a couple’s love for each other, God’s love for his people, or a poem that speaks to love in all its dimensions? Iain Duguid’s commentary explains how the Song is designed to show us an idealized picture of married love, in the context of a fallen and broken world. It also convicts us of how far short of this perfection we fall, both as humans and as lovers, and drives us repeatedly into the arms of our true heavenly husband, Jesus Christ. Replacing G. Lloyd Carr’s The Song of Solomon, Duguid’s commentary on the Song of Songs utilizes up-to-date scholarship to paint a fresh picture of this provocative Old Testament text.

  • Section-by-section examination of the text
  • Introduction to authorship, date, and historical background
  • Links directly to original language texts and English Bible translations
  • Title: Song of Songs (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries | TOTC)
  • Author: Iain M. Duguid
  • Publisher: Inter-Varsity
  • Print Publication Date: 2015
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 2
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Resource ID: {1BEB3686-B9AE-4946-B46C-F7225EA98E90}
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-10-18T23:39:51Z


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  1. Mateusz Kertowski
    It was very helpful in my studies on Song of Songs. I love how this book explains chapters 5 and 6. Worth to buy!