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Logos 10 Bronze Feature Upgrade

Digital Logos Edition

Logos Editions are fully connected to your library and Bible study tools.


Collection value: $4,778.52
Save $4,228.53 (88%)
Starting at $45.27/mo at checkout


The Logos 10 Bronze Feature Upgrade includes all the features provided in Starter and expands with intuitive original language study tools like clause and morph search, practical study tools like Canvas, Workflows, and new Factbook Tags, and a wide collection of interactives covering fascinating topics from both the Old and New Testaments. Everything in the Bronze Feature Upgrade is superbly integrated into the software so that you can get the most out of your library of resources for Bible study.

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7 ratings

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  1. Pastor Mark Stevenson
    I love this Logos Bible Program! It makes study, reading and examining the WORD of God so exciting!
  2. Luis Santana

    Luis Santana


  3. Izell Anderson
  4. Hein Matthiae

    Hein Matthiae


    This is a great way of studying the Word from our Creator God of the universe, our one and only Saviour of our souls. Like many others have mentioned here, I have been using Logos since its early days on floppy drives. I endeavor to support this great organization who makes the Bible and many materials available on this platform, it is very powerful to have this magnitude of information available at one's fingertips. Logos, apart from the other people's concerns for the price, please also bear in mind that when one is in any other country where the exchange rate to the USD is not in one's favor, it makes it that extra bit harder to justify the cost in one's personal budget to do the upgrade. Logos, would you please consider this factor? Thank you for your work to keep the truth true and pure. God bless.
  5. Lonnie Ritchie

    Lonnie Ritchie


  6. Rob Redmond

    Rob Redmond


    Yes, it's a great system that has been a tremendous help over the years. But the price to upgrade is somewhat upsetting as I have long felt exploited by this. I've already spent enough when I first purchased Logos about 10 years ago (and a subsequent upgrade). An upgrade to me should be at a near giveaway price. It's essentially a system upgrade. I already have more content than I will ever be able to use.
  7. Joseph Cantrell

    Joseph Cantrell


    I love logos, but they're scalping me for features that I could have had for the same price if I got my silver package now instead of a few years ago. That's not being very good to your existing customers.
  8. Daniel Steeves

    Daniel Steeves



Collection value: $4,778.52
Save $4,228.53 (88%)
Starting at $45.27/mo at checkout