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Church History in Plain Language

ISBN: 9780718032258

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It's about time that someone wrote church history that tells about people, not just about "eras" and "ages." Church History in Plain Language taps the roots of our Christian family tree. It combines authoritative research with a captivating style to bring our heritage home to us.

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“Christianity is the only major religion to have as its central event the humiliation of its God.” (Page 3)

“First, and rather obviously, early Christians were moved by a burning conviction.” (Pages 34–35)

“We call the years between a.d. 70 and a.d. 312 the Age of Catholic Christianity because this thought dominates Christian history between the death of the apostles and the rise of the Christian emperors.” (Page 28)

“The main theme of Jesus’ teaching was the kingdom of God.” (Page 7)

“Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch in the early second century, is apparently the first to use the word. He spoke of the ‘Catholic church,’ when he said, ‘Wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic church.’ By the end of the second century the term catholic was widely used of the church in the sense that the Catholic church was both universal, in contrast to local congregations, and orthodox, in contrast to heretical groups.” (Page 28)

Dr. Bruce Shelley (1927-2010) was the senior professor of church history and historical theology at Denver Seminary. He joined the faculty in 1957. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and received a theological degree from Fuller Seminary. He also attended Columbia Bible College. Dr. Shelley has written or edited over twenty books, including Church History in Plain Language, All the Saints Adore Thee, The Gospel and the American Dream, Theology of Ordinary People, and The Consumer Church. He served on the editorial advisory board of Christian History and has published numerous articles for magazines and encyclopedias. He served as consulting editor for InterVarsity’s Dictionary of Christianity in America. He was a corresponding editor of Christianity Today and published articles in Encyclopedia Americana, Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, and New International Dictionary of the Christian Church.


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  1. Scott Custer

    Scott Custer


  2. Lincoln A. Bovee'
  3. Lorin L Cranford
    Easy to understand
  4. Marcus Sanders

    Marcus Sanders


    If Logos will get the 4th edition I will buy this book. I have a 3rd edition hard copy. would love to have the 4th.
  5. Bradford



    "Faithlife" is continuously losing sales on the update to this book. Liberty University requires the 4th edition so this outdated book, by 2 versions, should be updated for students. I can only give 3 stars because this book is outdated by more than 20 years.
  6. Paul Craig

    Paul Craig


  7. Alexrohof



    Would be really nice to have the fourth edition to be available.
  8. R.Andres Castaneda
    It is a shame that this is the 2nd edition from 1995 when there is digital version in amazon of the 4th edition from 2013... Logos, please update!
  9. Mike Rath

    Mike Rath


  10. Collin A Barth

    Collin A Barth


Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Regular price: $27.99
Save $7.00 (25%)