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Products>The Baker Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words

The Baker Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words

, 2023
ISBN: 9780801019333

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One of the keys to effectively preaching and teaching God's Word is a deep understanding of the meaning of biblical words in the original Hebrew and Greek. As the building blocks of language, words are the means we use to communicate with one another, and they're also the means God has chosen for communicating with us, his people.

To enrich your preaching, teaching, and personal study of God's Word, this clear, accurate, and easy-to-use dictionary offers the most up-to-date evangelical biblical scholarship as well as fascinating, detailed explanations of biblical words. Whether you're a pastor, a seminary student, or a lay student of the Bible, this expository dictionary offers a wealth of information about the original Hebrew and Greek words of Scripture.

By providing clear and accurate definitions of biblical words, we hope this brand-new dictiobiblical dictionary will enrich your preaching, teaching, and nary personal study and lead to a greater appreciation and understanding of the biblical text.

—Mark L. Strauss, New Testament General Editor

Further LCV alignment will be added to this resource in the coming weeks.

  • Helps to enrich the preaching, teaching, and personal study of God's Word
  • Contains more than 1,200 Hebrew and 1,200 Greek words
  • Old Testament and New Testament words are grouped together within each English word article so that connections can be easily recognized
  • Includes words that occur more than 25x in the Old Testament and more than 10x in New Testament—as well as words that occur less frequently but are deemed essential from a theological point-of-view
  • Features a wealth of information about the original Hebrew and Greek words of Scripture
  • Offers the most up-to-date evangelical biblical scholarship as well as fascinating, detailed explanations of biblical words

    Old Testament

  • Alexander W. Breitkopf
  • Phillip G. Camp
  • Joseph R. Cathey
  • Milton Eng
  • Bryan Estelle
  • Jill Firth
  • Jared C. Jenkins
  • Brittany Kim
  • Paul J. Kissling
  • Christopher R. Lortie
  • Steven T. Mann
  • Russell L. Meek
  • Frederic Clarke Putnam
  • Cristian Gheorghe Rata
  • Tiberius Rata
  • William A. Ross
  • George M. Schwab
  • Rex Shaver
  • Joshua E. Stewart
  • Charlie Trimm

    New Testament

  • Karelynne Gerber Ayayo
  • Donald P. Cole
  • David Colson
  • John T. Darrow
  • John DelHousaye
  • Patrick T. Egan
  • Seth M. Ehorn
  • Nickolas A. Fox
  • Joshua M. Greever
  • Erin Heim
  • Timothy Henderson
  • Andrew J. Kelley
  • Brian C. Labosier
  • Cara Ann Maeda
  • David L. Mathewson
  • Kathleen Murray
  • Lyn Nixon
  • David B. Sloan
  • Katherine Strauss
  • L. Timothy Swinson
  • Andrés D. Vera
  • David H. Wenkel
  • Matt Williams
  • Title: The Baker Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words
  • Authors: Tremper Longman III, Mark L. Strauss
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Print Publication Date: 2023
  • Logos Release Date: 2023
  • Pages: 1159
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Bible › Dictionaries; Greek language, Biblical › Dictionaries--English; Hebrew language › Dictionaries--English
  • ISBNs: 9780801019333, 9781493434411, 0801019338, 1493434411
  • Resource Type: Encyclopedia
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2024-01-09T17:41:35Z

Tremper Longman III (PhD, Yale University), Old Testament General Editor, is Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California where he was the Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies for nineteen years before his retirement. Before Westmont, he taught at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia for eighteen years. He has authored or coauthored more than thirty books.

Mark L. Strauss (PhD, University of Aberdeen), New Testament General Editor, has a passion for teaching the Bible and has taught principles for reading and applying the Bible to students in undergraduate, graduate, and church settings. He is University Professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary San Diego and the author of several books, including How to Read the Bible in Changing Times: Understanding and Applying God's Word Today and Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels.


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  1. Dennis Adams

    Dennis Adams


  2. Bruce Goldsmith
  3. ReformedDoc



    I am very happy to be able to add this resource to my Logos library as it is multi-purpose.
  4. Bill Shewmaker
  5. Jerry E. Walls
  6. Jeff Rodrigues
    I found a helpful review posted by Ken Camp, managing editor of Baptist Standard. Of course the review involves the content of the book, so its interaction within Logos remains to be seen. But here is what was said in the review... The Baker Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words combines some features of a concordance, lexicon and typical Bible dictionary, all rolled into one accessible volume. More than 40 biblical scholars help provide context and meaning of biblical words, from “abandon” to “zeal.” The volume actually includes three dictionaries. In the first, writers explore words from English versions of the Scripture, examining the varied Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament Greek words from which they are translated. The second is a Hebrew-English dictionary, and the third is a Greek-English dictionary. In the latter two sections, the entry for each Hebrew or Greek word includes two numerals—one corresponding to the numbering system developed by James Strong for his well-known exhaustive concordance of the Bible and the other related to a more recent numbering system developed by Edward W. Goodrick and John R. Kohlenberger III. Entries vary in their usefulness with regard to revealing various shades of meaning. One obvious drawback of the approach used in this volume is the simple fact that modern Bible readers use a wide variety of English translations. So, the starting point for a word study will vary from one reader to another. For example, if someone is trying to examine the words translated “effeminate” and “homosexual” in the New American Standard Bible version of 1 Corinthians 6:9, neither of those English words appear as an entry in this reference work. Instead, a reader must look at the entries for “sexual immorality” and “prostitute” to find any assistance. The Baker Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words is not geared toward scholars with a firm grasp of biblical languages. Rather, it provides a simple-but-versatile tool for serious students of Scripture, lay Bible teachers and busy ministers working from an English translation of the Bible. It’s not an all-purpose tool, but it never hurts to have one more implement in a toolbox.