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Christian Theology: Biblical, Historical, and Systematic

ISBN: 9781683596011
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2022 Southwestern Journal of Theology Book of the Year

The church has been entrusted with God’s revelation—and to steward the word of truth, we must confess the Bible’s teaching with clarity and conviction. Adam Harwood’s Christian Theology is both biblically faithful and historically informed, providing a fresh synthesis of the essential doctrines of the faith. Writing from a Baptist perspective, Harwood brings fresh insights that many systematic theologies lack.

With readable prose, suggestions for further study, and discussion questions, Christian Theology will equip students and pastors to clarify and articulate what they believe and why.

Praise for Christian Theology

This generation of evangelicals and Baptists has long required a new and widely trusted single-author systematic theology. Adam Harwood now steps forward to fill the gap with his aptly named Christian Theology: Biblical, Historical, and Systematic. I am elated to endorse this careful, learned, and broad-based exemplar of Christian orthodoxy for use in the classroom, in the pastor’s study, and in the academically-inclined layperson’s library.

–Malcolm B. Yarnell, research professor of theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

This volume will serve as a very informative introduction to evangelical Christian belief from a Baptist perspective for students of theology as well as for pastors and interested laypeople.

–Roger E. Olson, emeritus professor of Christian theology, Baylor University

Systematic theology is happily resurgent right now in evangelical circles, and this volume is the latest notable proof of that. It is firmly orthodox on first order matters of faith and doctrine, while more exploratory on matters that Scripture and tradition leave open for further analysis and speculation. This is a great text to ground students in the substance of the faith while also informing them of the contemporary state of the discussion.

–Jerry L. Walls, professor of philosophy & scholar in residence, Houston Baptist University

I warmly welcome Adam Harwood’s Christian Theology. He presents an exemplary methodology of Christian theology: biblical, historical, and systematic. This methodology is a legacy of the Reformation and historical Baptist churches. Throughout this work, Harwood provides a catholic and evangelical theology based on sound exegetical and historical interpretations of major doctrinal issues in modern Christianity. Readers will appreciate Harwood’s willingness to learn from the views that even contradict his own view on a particular issue. I hope that God will use this work for the expansion of his kingdom. I am delighted to recommend this book to my Korean and other international students.

—Dongsun Cho, assistant professor of systematic theology, Korea Baptist Theological Seminary and University

  • Preface
  • Theological Method
  • The Doctrine of Revelation
  • General Revelation
  • Special Revelation
  • The Doctrine of God
  • The Doctrine of the Trinity
  • God’s Name
  • God’s Attributes
  • Creation
  • Providence and Evil
  • Angels, Satan, and Demons
  • The Doctrine of Humanity
  • Human Identity and Constitution
  • God’s Design for Human Sexuality
  • Sin
  • Original Sin
  • The Doctrine of Christ
  • The Person of Christ: New Testament Survey
  • The Person of Christ: Doctrinal Development and Theological Issues
  • The Work of Christ: Death and Resurrection, Biblical Survey of the Atonement
  • The Work of Christ: Historical Survey of Atonement Models
  • The Work of Christ: Theological Issues
  • The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Biblical Survey of the Holy Spirit’s Person & Work
  • Historical Survey of the Holy Spirit’s Person & Work
  • Theological Survey of the Holy Spirit’s Person & Work
  • The Doctrine of Salvation
  • Biblical Survey of Salvation
  • Predestination and Election
  • Historical Survey and Issues in the Doctrine of Salvation
  • The Doctrine of the Church
  • Biblical and Historical Survey: The Nature and Marks of the Church
  • Ministries and Ordinances
  • Structures within and among Churches
  • The Doctrine of Last Things
  • Death, Afterlife, and the Christian Hope
  • Thy Kingdom Come
  • Hell and Heaven
  • Title: Christian Theology: Biblical, Historical, and Systematic
  • Author: Adam Harwood
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2022
  • Pages: 760
  • Format: Logos Digital, Hardcover
  • Trim Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781683596011

Adam Harwood is McFarland Chair of Theology, director of the Baptist Center for Theology & Ministry, and editor of the Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the author of Born Guilty? A Southern Baptist View of Original Sin and The Spiritual Condition of Infants: A Biblical-Historical Survey and Systematic Proposal.


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  1. John Nogueras

    John Nogueras


    Dr. Harwood did an excellent job of presenting the multiple views of the major doctrines Christians contemplate today. He applied a unique method for his chapter on the doctrine of salvation. In his words, their is no shortage of systematics on bookshelves today espousing the reformed/Calvinist view on the subject. He instead wanted to offer the "Traditional Statement" perspective affirmed by several former presidents of the SBC in order to ensure the perspective had a place on the bookshelves of theologians. He does offer opposing views and quotes in his meant for reading, detailed footnotes. I appreciate Dr. Harwood's effort and am more than excited to recommend this work to all who want to give our varied doctrines fair treatment in their studies.
  2. John Usher

    John Usher


    Is it Calvinist?
  3. Antonio Veliz Ramirez
    Excelente aportación al pensamiento teológico. Me gustó la definición propuesta por el autor.


Print list price: $59.99
Save $6.00 (10%)