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NIV Bible Speaks Today Study Bible (Bible and Notes)

, 2011–2020
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Be equipped to apply the Bible to your life and in today’s world. The BST Study Bible presents study notes drawn from the bestselling Bible Speaks Today commentary series as well as application questions for personal or group use.

Clear and helpful explanations will help draw you into God’s word, making this resource indispensable for both devotional reading and as a study Bible. It’s also great for helping small group leaders, teachers, and preachers in preparing to explain and apply the Bible for others.

The Bible Speaks Today series was edited by Alec Moyter (Old Testament), John Stott (New Testament) and Derek Tidball (Bible themes), with contributors including Michael Green, Mary J Evans, Derek Kidner, Dick Lucas, Rosemary Nixon and many more.

The product includes both the Bible Speaks Today Study Bible and the New International Version resources.

  • Over 2,300 notes extracted from the Bible Speaks Today series that explain and apply the biblical text
  • Questions for personal or group use to help you understand and apply biblical truths
  • Outlines that give a brief overview of each book of the Bible
  • Background and setting to provide the context to understand each book
  • Themes and relevance to apply the Bible to the contemporary world
  • Maps showing the locations of key Bible events
  • Parallel passages cross-referenced to identical or similar passages
  • Title: NIV Bible Speaks Today Study Bible (Bible and Notes)
  • Publishers: Zondervan, IVP
  • Publication Date: 2011–2020
  • Resources: 2
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Resource Type: Study Bible, English Bible
  • Resource ID: {1A931D04-147C-4718-B8E0-018E33E7EEA8}
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With the Logos edition of Bible Speaks Today Study Bible, you can you can link your preferred Bible translation and other resources so that each resource scrolls together. Gain insights into the biblical text instantly as your study Bible notes provide additional interpretive, background, and other information and use the powerful search capabiliy of Logos Bible software to enhance your study. Fully integrated into your digital library, Logos enables you to perform powerful searches to instantly gather relevant biblical texts and resources together. Free tablet and mobile apps let you take the discussion with you. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.


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    Start the year strong with Logos!


    Regular price: $29.98
    Save $10.00 (40%)