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Products>Ruth: Audio Lectures: 8 Lessons on Literary Context, Structure, Exegesis, and Interpretation (audio)

Ruth: Audio Lectures: 8 Lessons on Literary Context, Structure, Exegesis, and Interpretation (audio)


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Ruth: Audio Lectures provides a careful analysis and interpretation of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament book of Ruth, quickly allowing viewers to grasp the big idea of each passage and how it fits in the larger context. The Zondervan Biblical and Theological Lectures series provides a unique audio learning experience. Unlike a traditional audiobook’s direct narration of a book’s text, Ruth: Audio Lectures includes high quality live-recordings of college-level lectures that cover the important points from each subject as well as relevant material from other sources. Ruth: Audio Lectures brings to light the universal scope of God’s sovereignty and mercy. With careful analysis and interpretation of the Hebrew text, professor and scholar Daniel Block traces the flow of argument in the book of Ruth, showing that how a biblical author says something is just as important as what they say. Ruth is widely recognized as a superlative literary achievement of ancient Israel. With its sensitive portrayal of women in crisis, its admiration for a righteous man, and its profound theology of providence, it offers learners of every age a window into life in the ancient Near East, inspiration for good and godly living, and reason to wonder at the common roots of Israel’s royal and messianic hope. Bridging the historical and theological gap, Ruth: Audio Lectures explains how David, the most important character in the Hebrew Bible, could emerge from the spiritual and ethical morass of the premonarchic period and accounts for the Moabite blood in this king’s veins. Each lecture surveys the main idea of a passage, its literary context, an explanation of the text, and its canonical and practical significance for us today.

  • Title: Ruth: Audio Lectures: 8 Lessons on Literary Context, Structure, Exegesis, and Interpretation (audio)
  • Author: Daniel I. Block
  • Publisher: Zondervan Academic
  • Print Publication Date: 2019
  • Logos Release Date: 2021
  • Era: era:modern
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Audio
  • Subjects: Religion › Biblical Commentary--Old Testament--General; Religion › Biblical Studies--Old Testament--General; Religion › Biblical Criticism & Interpretation--Old Testament; Bible. › Ruth--Commentaries
  • ISBNs: 9780310101147, 031010114, 025986101145, 031010114X
  • Resource ID: LLS:9780310101147
  • Resource Type: Media
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-09-28T21:14:57Z
Daniel I. Block

Dr. Daniel Block, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, has been teaching God’s Word for more than 30 years.

It has been a special joy for Dr. Block to watch students, who often take introductory courses in Old Testament only because they are required to do so by the curriculum, suddenly awaken to the fact that the Old Testament is understandable and its message is both life-giving and relevant for modern, everyday life.

Dr. Block has published a number of books and essays in scholarly journals. The paradigm for his research and ministry is set by Ezra, as described in Ezra 7:10: he committed himself to the study the Torah of Yahweh, to put it into practice, and to teach his revealed will in Israel. This means constantly asking serious questions of the Scriptures: What does the text say? Why does the text say it like that? What did the text mean to the original audience? What does the text have to say to me today? In order to answer these questions, one needs to understand both the worlds out of which the biblical texts arose and the worlds in which modern people live.




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  1. DAL



    I’m giving it a four star review because the lectures are great, but unfortunately, they are out of order. Part 4 is not lesson 4, but is actually lesson 7! Part 5 is actually lesson 6 and Part 6 is actually Lesson 4! And Part 7 is Lesson 5! So as you can see only Parts 1 through 3 are in order, the others beginning at part 4 and onward are not in the correct sequence. Is there anyway you can update the file to correct this? Other than, these are the best lectures I’ve heard on the book of Ruth! Outstanding job by an outstanding scholar! And by the way, they are 7 lessons not 8.
Save on Zondervan courses & audio until May 24


Regular price: $31.99
Save $16.00 (50%)