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Greek New Testament Sentence Diagrams, English Edition

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Many serious students of the New Testament who have not attained high competence in reading Greek are aware of the exegetical value of the details of Greek sentence structures but have no reliable access to that information except what they manage to glean from laboriously examining commentaries. Greek New Testament Sentence Diagrams: English Version is a newly envisioned resource to assist such readers of the New Testament. This work will prioritize maintaining Greek grammatical structures over attractive styling of the English wording. Its goal is not to convey every nuance of the Greek text but rather to provide an English window into the grammatical structure of the Greek sentences. Of course some of those structures are idiomatic to Greek and carry no special significance for readers of other languages. However, many of those structures are universally significant as they display, for example, details of subordination or coordination among various portions of a sentence that enhance readers’ ability to perceive the New Testament authors’ focus points and development of thought with greater clarity. The diagrams can also help struggling Greek learners unravel those difficult sentences that teachers seem to delight in assigning!

This pre-pub is intended to gauge interest in the future production of this title.

  • Quickly find the kernel elements of clauses, such as subjects, verbs and complements, even in difficult sentences
  • Gain a quick overview of the general syntactic structure of sentences
  • Explore grammatical details down to the level of even the smallest sentence structures
  • Consult expert opinion on many grammatical details passed over by commentators
Some of us think that diagramming is a key component to proper exegesis. I encourage my students to diagram their passages in my exegetical courses. But diagram the entire Greek New Testament? Randy Leedy has done it! Most commentaries are rather disappointing when it comes to detailed interaction with the Greek text; too often they gloss over the hard parts. But Leedy’s diagramming is a refreshingly honest work. Do I agree with every decision he has made? Of course not; diagramming, too, is interpretive. What it especially does is to bring to the conscious level the decisions that the exegete intuitively makes. Leedy has worked with the text and has done an amazing job at showing how everything connects. By using Dr. Leedy’s diagrams, students will get one more layer of interpretation, and one closely tied to the actual words of Scripture. Get this tool!

Daniel B. Wallace, Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

Randy Leedy (PhD Bob Jones University) served at Bob Jones University from 1982–2019, from 1994 on as Seminary professor of New Testament, with primary teaching duties in Greek exegesis. He has also served local churches in lay leadership and pastoral roles. He currently remains active in various Greek-related pursuits, as indicated at his website, NTGreekGuy.com.


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  1. Misael Lopez

    Misael Lopez


    Can there be an update on the "almost funded" status? The yellow bar is almost filled out, so are we at 80%? 90% 99.99%?? Thanks!! :-D

  2. Roger Tan

    Roger Tan


    Please could someone tell me what's the difference between the English and NA28 Edition?

  3. Michael Billington
    I pre-ordered this back in March of 2021. This is an absolutely essential resource for determining exactly what the New Testament really means to convey - and to help us avoid being confused as to which words/phrases relate to each other in a sentence. Please everybody, place your pre-pub orders to hurry this along and get it produced and available.

    I need to use this good app, When will it be published, or can I sell my finished chapters first, thank you.

  5. Charlie Nason

    Charlie Nason


    I own Leedy Sentence Diagrams, New Testament, SBL Edition. It is a very nice resource to have. Will this edition be tagged and searchable? The other is not.

  6. Michael Billington
    Wow! Five months after suggesting this, here it is! This will be a magnificent help in understanding how the words in a verse are related without having to pick through detailed technical commentaries which may or may not explain it clearly enough to those of us who are not literate in Greek. Let's get this funded and into our libraries! Thanks, Logos.


Save $15.00 (27%)
Reg: $54.99

Almost funded