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The Root of Sin Exposed

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Since the Garden of Eden sin has ravaged people’s lives, leaving behind a plethora of troubling problems such as anxieties, fears, insecurities, confusion, unbelief, bitterness, sexual hang-ups, and even addictions. Most people look for answers in all the wrong places. They ought to look within. They ought to look at i. i is the “self-life.” i is the core of the fallen human nature. i is the realm where sin grows and flourishes. i: the root of sin exposed unravels the mystery of the corrupted human nature, and convincingly proves that all of man’s struggles with sin can be traced to the pride-driven “self-life” that emerges from it. Rather than relying on trendy quick-fixes, this book digs deeply into the treasures of Scripture to provide struggling believers everything they need to deal with their problems at the root level: the inescapable, ever-present i.

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  • Delves into pride as the root and fruit of evil
  • Examines the self-life (i.e. “i”) and the pride that comes forth from it
  • Seeks to help readers recognize how the sin of pride may be embedded in their lives and how it nurtures more sinful behaviors

Section One: The Great Realm of i

  • The Realm of i
  • The Origin and History of i
  • The Human Ego and the Growth of Pride
  • The Destructive Nature of Pride
  • Pictures of Pride

Section Two: Forms of Pride

  • Top and Center
  • Protecting the Inner Sanctuary
  • Perfect!
  • Spiritual Pride
  • Daughters of Pride

Section Three: The Kingdom of Lowliness

  • Saved Through Poverty of Spirit
  • Pride and Self at the Cross
  • Meek Before God
  • Walking in Humility
  • Serving Others
  • Coming Down and Going Under
  • Treasured Saints
There is a common thread that runs through every broken relationship, international war, church split, ministry scandal, or social conflict: Human pride. It is so insidious that we seldom see it in ourselves, so universal that no heart is immune, and so destructive that no nation is safe from its fury. While the topic of pride is central to the human condition, it is one of the least discussed sins in the Christian world. Steve Gallagher extracts the truth of this topic with the precision of a skilled surgeon. His goal is to identify the roots and fruits of this heart condition, that God truly hates, and enable us, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to root it out and replace it with Christ’s humble nature. If you want to gain victory over sin, you will never be able to do so without dealing a death-blow to your pride. You need the truth contained in this book more than you need air, for it can save your very soul. This book is the definitive work on the topic of pride for our day. I highly recommend you read this vital work!

Israel Wayne, Christian Worldview

‘I can do all things.’ These five words introduce one of the most-often quoted verses from Scripture (Philippians 4:13) but they also form the thesis for one of the most toxic and least talked about issues in the American church— pride. In clear, direct language, Pastor Steve Gallagher surgically exposes the self-absorbed, ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude that lurks within every human heart. ‘i’ is a gut-punch to the selfie-soaked world we live in. Pastor Gallagher gives his readers a clear diagnosis for that which ails us and a posture for the cure: flat on our faces, bowed low before Almighty God.

Chris McKenna, Covenant Eyes

Searching in the Bible for the words ‘pride’ and ‘proud’ reveals a startling fact—the power of pride is the power of personal destruction. It has been said that the cross of Christ is the big ‘I’ crossed out. In this book, author Steve Gallagher faces the problem of the big ‘I’ and pride. This is a must read for pastors, biblical counselors, and others called to Christian ministry. It is also a place for those who suffer from personal destruction to begin the journey away from stumbling to one of victory through the cross of Christ.

Dennis D. Frey, Th.D., President, Master’s International University of Divinity

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Steve Gallagher, a former deputy in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, is the president of Pure Life Ministries (PLM). He is an ordained minister and holds an associate of arts degree from Sacramento City College and a ministerial arts degree from Capital Bible Institute. A certified biblical counselor through the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) in Denver, Colorado, he has dedicated his life to helping men overcome sexual sin through holiness and a passionate pursuit of Jesus. PLM operates a live-in program on a 45-acre facility for Christian men seeking God’s answers to sexual sin.


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    Digital list price: $15.99
    Save $3.00 (18%)