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Intercultural Discipleship: Learning from Global Approaches to Spiritual Formation (Encountering Mission)

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This addition to an acclaimed series brings cutting-edge research to bear on a topic of perennial interest: making disciples. While much has been written about disciple-making methods and materials in Western contexts, very little has been written to incorporate disciple-making methods from other cultures. This book by an expert in oral learning looks at disciple-making from multiple cultures to help readers discover contextual approaches that are culturally relevant and biblically faithful. It emphasizes methods that are especially effective with contemporary converts and includes practical examples from around the world. Each chapter includes sidebars, discussion questions, an activity for discipling, and a case study. An appendix contains further suggestions and exercises for instructors.

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  • Explores disciple-making from multiple cultures to help readers discover contextual approaches
  • Includes sidebars, discussion questions, an activity for discipling, and a case study
  • Examines dance, music, and drama for discipleship
  • How Did We Get in This Spiritual Rut?
  • Issues That Get Us Stuck
  • What Is Intercultural Discipleship?
  • Symbols Speak When Words Can’t
  • Rituals Drive Meaning Deep into the Bone
  • Contextualization Process—Tailored Pants Fit Just Right
  • Stories Portray It, Not Just Say It
  • Proverbs Are Worth a Thousand Words
  • Music, Dance, and Drama—We Become What We Hum
  • Holistic Discipleship Connects Word and Deed
  • Discipleship for Postmoderns
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A: Ceremony for the Installation of a Teacher
  • Appendix B: Activities for Teaching
Jay Moon's book Intercultural Discipleship offers a treasure trove of perceptive insights and practical suggestions for effective discipling across cultures. Jay writes for the practitioner, but does so in a way that is anchored in a solid theoretical framework. The book is deep, enlightening, and even playful as it engages various mediums such as symbol, proverbs, drama, and dance. The reader will be entranced. Rather than offering quick fixes or simplistic solutions, Jay welcomes the reader into a communal process for the purpose of contextualizing discipleship. No cross-cultural worker should be without this book!

—Gregg A. Okesson, dean, E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary

The cry for better discipleship methods is heard around the globe, but most methods take a fill-in-the-blank approach, focused on acquiring more information, not the deep penetrating formation of disciples of Jesus that promotes personal and community transformation. Now Jay Moon in Intercultural Discipleship has charted a comprehensive and creative way forward like no other book in the field. Missiologically informed, cross-culturally relevant, and biblically faithful, this book draws on genres such as proverbs, drama, music, dance, rituals and ceremonies, and oral arts, together with riveting case studies to open the right side of our brains for disciple-makers around the world. I believe Intercultural Discipleship will soon become a classic text in the discipleship literature.

—Darrell Whiteman, publisher, American Society of Missiology

This is a rare treasure of a book. Effective disciple-making is full of artistry, discipline, and relational time; Jay Moon has spooled together a rich global landscape of why discipleship works, and includes the practices of symbols, rituals, proverbs, stories, music, and drama. A timeless book for this young century. With joy, I highly recommend your attention to Intercultural Discipleship.

—Samuel E. Chiang, president and CEO, Seed Company

  • Title: Intercultural Discipleship: Learning from Global Approaches to Spiritual Formation
  • Author: W. Jay Moon
  • Series: Encountering Mission
  • Publisher: Baker Academic
  • Print Publication Date: 2017
  • Pages: 320
  • Language: English
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  • Resource Type: Monograph
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W. Jay Moon

W. Jay Moon is professor of evangelism and church planting and codirector of the Office of Faith, Work and Economics at Asbury Theological Seminary. Previously, he was a missionary with Sudan Inland Mission (SIM) for thirteen years, where he was engaged in church planting and water development in Ghana, West Africa. He has been a member of church planting teams in the U.S. and has been involved in missional efforts with Native Americans and urban at-risk communities. Combining entrepreneurial lenses from his MBA studies along with cutting edge missiology, he articulates creative approaches to reaching the unchurched and dechurched, particularly millennials in the West. He is the author of three books, including the forthcoming Intercultural Discipleship: Learning from Global Approaches to Spiritual Formation.


Digital list price: $31.99
Save $4.00 (12%)

In production