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Pentateuch, 5 vols. (New International Commentary on the Old Testament | NICOT)

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This collection includes the published and available Pentateuch volumes from The New International Commentary on the Old Testament, providing an exposition of Scripture that is thorough and abreast of modern scholarship, yet at the same time loyal to Scripture as the infallible Word of God. This conviction, shared by all contributors to The New International Commentary on the Old Testament, defines the goal of this ambitious series.

This decades-long project has become recognized by scholars, pastors, and serious Bible students as critical yet orthodox commentary marked by solid biblical scholarship within the evangelical Protestant tradition. The New International Commentary on the Old Testament serves as authoritative scriptural guides, bridging the cultural gap between today’s world and the Bible’s. Each volume in the NICOT aims to help us hear God’s word as clearly as possible.

Scholars, pastors, and serious Bible students will welcome the fresh light that this commentary series casts on ancient yet familiar biblical texts. The contributors apply their proven scholarly expertise and wide experience as teachers to illumine our understanding of the Old Testament. Gifted writers, they present the results of the best recent research in an interesting, readable, and thought-provoking manner.

Each commentary opens with an introduction to the biblical book in question, looking especially at questions concerning its background, authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology. A select bibliography also points readers to resources for their own study. The author’s own translation from the original Hebrew and Greek texts forms the basis of the commentary proper. Verse-by-verse comments nicely balance the in-depth discussions of technical matters—such as textual criticism and critical problems—with exposition of the biblical writer’s theology and its implications for the life of faith today.

Please note: a New International Commentary volume covering the Book of Exodus has yet to be published.

Resource Experts
  • Verse-by-verse commentary
  • In-depth discussion of textual and critical matters
  • Introductions to each book’s authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology
The NIC is an amazing scholarly, protestant, evangelical commentary series. It gives verse-by-verse commentary on almost every book of the Bible, including immensely helpful introductory information. The only thing better than the commentary series itself is being able to have the entire thing with you, on your laptop, wherever you go. The NIC for Logos is a great resource that every seminarian should consider.

—GoingtoSeminary.com review

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  1. Andrew Malone

    Andrew Malone


    Akin to the note from Daniel (April 2021): note that two of these five volumes (Numbers; part of Deuteronomy) have since been revised. There may be merit in considering separate volumes instead of or in addition to this bundle.
  2. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson


  3. Daniel Gibbs

    Daniel Gibbs


    Just a note for people that might make the same mistake that I did in not looking at the contents: a commentary on Exodus is not included in this bundle. Despite the title being "Pentateuch, 5 vols", there are two Genesis volumes and no Exodus volume.
  4. Johnny Oxendine
  5. The Mangolorian
    Why is this page not showing any detals about the included volumes?
This product is not currently available to purchase.