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The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology

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These 47 essays by historians and theologians from 15 countries provide insight into the background and context, the content, and the impact of Martin Luther's' way of thought. Nineteenth-century Chinese educational reformers, twentieth-century African and Indian social reformers, German philosophers and Christians of many traditions on every continent have found stimulation in Luther’s writings and provocation for addressing modern problems. This volume offers studies of the late medieval intellectual milieus in which his thought was formed, the hermeneutical principles that guided his reading and application of the Bible, the content of his formulations of Christian teaching on specific topics, his social and ethic thought, the ways in which his contemporaries, both supporters and opponents, helped shape his ideas, the role of specific genre in developing his positions on issues of the day, and the influences he has exercised in the past and continues to exercise today in various parts of the world and the Christian Church. Authors synthesize the scholarly debates and analysis of Luther’s thinking and point to future areas of research and exploration of his thought.

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  • Provides a detailed exploration of Luther’s thought from a wide variety of perspectives and approaches
  • Addresses questions posed in twenty-first century theology
  • Features a fresh overview of the theology, method, and influence of the initiator of the Reformation
  • Part I Luther's Life
  • Part II The Medieval Background and Origins of Luther's Thought
  • Part III The Hermeneutical Principles That Guided Luther's Teaching and Preaching
  • Part IV Luther's Treatment of the Traditional Topics of Western Christian Theology
  • Part V Luther's View of Sanctified Living
  • Part VI The Genre in Which Luther Shaped His Theology
  • Part VII The Impact and Reception of Luther's Thought in History and in the Twenty-First Century
This volume is certainly a fine example of historical scholarship this is an incredibly useful work, and will be useful to any scholar who has interest in Luther and his historical context.

—Harrison Perkins, Anglican and Episcopal History

...[A]n illuminating overview of the state of Luther scholarship today... The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology will be a useful aid for those who seek to navigate the ocean of Luther’s theological contribution, traverse the jungles of subsequent Luther-reception, and draw constructive lessons from both for the enactment Christian faith in today’s world.

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Oxford University Press’s series of handbooks has established itself as a go-to resource for high-quality, up-to-date treatments of scholarly topics across a wide range of academic disciplines, and this volume on Martin Luther’s Theology is a worthy edition to the series... One of the most interesting features of the volume—and one with which it departs most clearly from other volumes in the series—is the inclusion of parallel essays offering different perspectives on two critical topics which remain hotly contested in the field of Luther studies: the question of continuity and discontinuity with late medieval thought, and the ever-contentious matter of justification by faith.

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    Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


    Regular price: $74.99
    Save $18.75 (25%)