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Navarre Bible Old Testament, Standard Edition (7 vols.)

The Navarre Bible Old Testament, Standard Edition does not include the Bible texts. The print edition cites the RSVCE and the Nova Vulgata, each available separately, or in select Verbum packages.

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Considered by many the best Catholic commentary on the Bible available today, the Navarre Bible series presents seven volumes on the Old Testament. These volumes, compiled by members of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Navarre, Spain, draw on such sources as Church documents, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the works of contemporary spiritual writers—particularly St. Josemaría Escrivá, who initiated the Navarre Bible project.

Each volume in the Navarre Bible Old Testament, Standard Edition provides extensive commentary on the Scripture. The commentaries include introductions and notes designed to bring clarity to the spiritual and theological message of Scripture. They are both scholarly and readable, presenting an intellectual, historical, and applicable survey of the riches of the Old Testament. With the Logos edition, each Scripture passage is linked with your favorite translation, and is easy to study side-by-side with your other commentaries. You can search by topic or Scripture with lightning fast results!

For the full Navarre Bible, Standard Edition, see here.

Resource Experts
  • Draws on numerous Catholic resources
  • Provides general introductions, introductions to each biblical book, a table of sources cited, maps, and informative notes
[The Bible is] presented unambiguously as the inspired Word of God and, with the help of the commentaries, we are introduced to 2,000 years of contemplative Christian reading and living of the sacred Word.

Osservatore Romano

. . . Superb volume for adult Bible Study . . . most helpful, enlightening, and fascinating.

Catholic Transcript

  • Title: Navarre Bible Old Testament, Standard Edition
  • Authors: Faculty of the University of Navarre
  • Publisher: Four Courts Press
  • Volumes: 7
  • Pages: 4,464
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14 ratings

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  1. Joe Boyle

    Joe Boyle


  2. Ralph A. Abernethy III
  3. Michael Kopczewski
  4. Wesley Walker

    Wesley Walker


    I won the physical versions of some of these and don't want to buy the whole set. I wish I could buy these individually on here :(
  5. Raymond Sevilla

    Raymond Sevilla


  6. Faithlife User
  7. kentuckyliz



    I like how the Navarre quotes the Tradition and the Catechism and the saints...it has a personal application approach included in its treatment of Scripture texts. Make this a prioritized resource in your Bible commentaries, so it's always a right-click away.
  8. Sleiman



  9. Joseph Valentine
    Excellent, although there are so many volumes it's sometimes complicated to ensure that I have the right commentary linked to the Old Testament books.
  10. Faithlife User


Collection value: $265.93
Save $45.94 (17%)
Payment plans available in cart