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A Compendium of Christian Theology

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John Frederick Osterwald’s A Compendium of Christian Theology is a broad treatise on the Christian life, addressing topics ranging from the character and nature of God to the role of the minister and utilization of sacraments. Published in 1788, it was considered a cornerstone textbook of theology for the Swiss Reformed Church. This eighteenth-century volume is one of Osterwald’s main theological works, and the result of thirty years of lectures. It provides a rich resource for dogmatic study, delving into Osterwald’s views on church life and relationship with God.

Key Features

  • Translated from the original Latin
  • Includes a preface by translator John McMains
  • Covers a broad range of theological topics such as the character and nature of God, the uses of sacred scripture, approaches to theological study, and more!

Product Details

  • Title: A Compendium of Christian Theology
  • Author: John Frederick Osterwald
  • Translator: John McMains
  • Publisher: Hartford. Nathaniel Patten
  • Publication Date: 1788
  • Pages: 406

About John Frederick Osterwald

John Frederick Osterwald (Jean-Frederic Ostervald), (1663–1747) the son of Reformed pastor Johann Rudolf Ostervald, was born November 16, 1663 in Neuchatel. He studied theology in Orleans under Claude Pajon and in Paris under Jean Claude. Ordained at the age of twenty he subsequently took a pastoral position in Neuchatel. As a pastor, lecturer and author, he attained great influence in his time and has been called the second reformer of Neuchatel.

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