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Christian Theology: The Biblical Story and Our Faith

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In Christian Theology, author Christopher W. Morgan presents an accessible introduction to the core areas of systematic theology, including God, revelation, humanity, sin, Christ and his work, the church, and the future. Each chapter highlights Scripture's teaching on a topic as it unfolds in the Bible's story line, intentionally connecting readers to the doctrines with a focus on personal application and missional living.

  • Seeks to be useful as an accessible textbook for general theology courses
  • Frames doctrines in light of the biblical story, substantial biblical exegesis, and biblical theology
  • Includes “voices” from church history and from the global church, to encourage the study of theology in community

Top Highlights

“Unity is also a goal we pursue. As the one body of Christ, we are to be eager to maintain unity amid real diversity” (Page 565)

“Christ’s deity is necessary for salvation because only God can rescue us. Christ’s humanity is also essential for salvation because only a human can represent us (as we will see).” (Page 253)

“The two key ministries of the Spirit to us are thus uniting us to Christ and enabling us to live for Christ in the community of faith.” (Page 417)

“Our unity is grounded in God’s unity: there is one God, one Lord, one Spirit, one body, one faith, and one baptism” (Page 565)

“Therefore, appearance of any sign of the times is not a sure indicator that the Second Coming will occur soon.” (Page 516)

Chris Morgan is one of this generation's most trusted theologians. His work at California Baptist is known to many and is deeply respected throughout the evangelical world. This new work, Christian Theology: The Biblical Story and Our Faith is a welcomed addition to the field of Systematic Theology. This work will well serve seminary students, Christian college students, ministers of the gospel, and even lay persons desiring to dig into their faith more deeply. I highly recommend this book.

Jason K. Allen, president and professor of preaching and pastoral ministry, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Christian Theology is a stunning accomplishment, unrivaled in many ways by other systematic theologies.It is a biblically faithful, lucidly written systematic theology expounded with consistent reference to the Bible's dramatic narrative. A brilliant piece of work that will be used in classrooms and studies for years to come. Highly recommended.

Bruce Riley Ashford, dean of faculty, provost, and professor of theology and culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

How can I understand, explain, and live out my Christian faith? Christian Theology by Christopher Morgan with Robert Peterson, wonderfully equips us to answer this question. This succinct and yet highly informed textbook is precise, pratical and a delight to read. No matter which is your denomination, tradition, or preferred school of thought, you will find unity, clarity, and perspective in this book.

Sam Chan, cultural analyst, author, and public speaker, City Bible Forum, Australia


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