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Products>Warren Wiersbe’s “Be” Series (50 vols.)

Warren Wiersbe’s “Be” Series (50 vols.)

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The "Be" Series is the culmination of Warren Wiersbe's life work and is respected by many as an easy-to-read, stimulating approach to Bible study. This collection features all the Old Testament and New Testament commentaries from the "Be" Series. Breaking down each book into topical chapters, Wiersbe writes an approachable commentary series that allows any reader to understand the biblical text in new ways.

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  • In-text Bible references
  • Perfect for thematic and topical studies
  • Easy-to-read stimulating content
  • Title: Warren Wiersbe's "Be" Series (50 vols.)
  • Publisher: Victor Books
  • Author: Warren Wiersbe
  • Volumes: 50
  • Resources: 28
  • Pages: 10,019
  • Resource ID: {053A5002-1E13-4A0D-98C4-FBBFDB1705D1}
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8 ratings

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  1. Gary & Amanda McCool
    We love this commentary series. Great insight for the entire family. It would have been very beneficial to have included the group discussion questions at the end of each chapter like the original books have.
  2. Scott Wilson

    Scott Wilson


    I find Warren Wiersbe's books to be very informative. A treasure.
  3. Dr. Jim Bohrer
  4. Dennis Adams

    Dennis Adams


  5. David Cain

    David Cain


  6. C E

    C E


    I am sorry to say that the low rating is more for the Logos product, and not for Warren Wiersbe’s word. The BE Series is actually Wiersbe's 2-volume OT and NT Commentaries. The complete BE series, however, is broken up into either individual or small groupings of the Books of the Bible and, more importantly, each book has "Questions for Personal Reflection or Group Discussion" at the end of each major section in each book. The Logos version does not include those questions, which is the main thing that distinguishes Wiersbe's Commentary from his BE Series, so the Logos BE Series is incomplete in that regard. Wiersbe’s work is excellent and should be provided in its entirety. I purchased one of the BE Series products which is included in this product and had to return it for that reason.
  7. Bruce A

    Bruce A


    Why are the BE series books for the NT not included? That seems quite odd. The image refers to 50 volumes, but the breakdown shows 27 OT + 1 NT Exposition book.
  8. Mattillo



    Great Application Commentary but it is missing the Lamentations volume: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/201081.aspx
  9. Ben E. Markley
    This is a fantastic and very helpful commentary I use it as a go to reference in all of my study
  10. Ron Trimm

    Ron Trimm


    Tremendous, insightful, and practical. Each chapter covers a portion of scripture including an outline, explanation, and application.
Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Regular price: $228.72
Save $45.50 (25%)
Payment plans available in cart