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1–2 Timothy and Titus: Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (EBTC)

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1-2 Timothy and Titus

Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus provide all churches with much-needed direction.

In this EBTC volume, Andreas J. Köstenberger captures the rich theological contributions of Paul’s oft-overlooked letters to Timothy and Titus. Köstenberger highlights Paul’s mature reflections on doctrine, the church’s nature, mission, relationships, dynamics, and oversight, the Christian life, and the last days. Köstenberger analyzes these letters against the Old Testament and the rest of the New Testament, particularly Paul’s other letters and Acts.

Praise for 1-2 Timothy and Titus

Köstenberger is to be commended for his careful biblical-theological method: in a readable way, exegeting the text sequentially and then topically and I believe very thoroughly cataloguing the many themes that arise from this study. I know no other major attempt to catalogue the theology of the Pastoral Epistles in this way.

—Craig S. Keener, F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

While there are a number of good commentaries on the Pastoral Epistles, there are few that cover all the bases: scholarly, theological, pastoral, insightful, practical, and encouraging. But Andreas Köstenberger’s new volume is all of these. It is now my go-to commentary on these important books and is sure to be the standard resource for pastors and scholars in generations to come.

—Michael J. Kruger, president and professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC

Andreas Köstenberger has given us a thorough exposition conversant with the latest scholarship on the Letters to Timothy and Titus. This is followed by a treatment of key theological themes in the letters. The combination of these two elements will make this a very useful resource.

—Ray Van Neste, professor of Biblical Studies and director of the Ryan Center for Biblical Studies at Union University

This commentary demonstrates the coherence, distinctive structure, literary flow, cultural connections, and theological themes found in each epistle. It also relates their teaching and admonition to the other New Testament writings, showing that the Pastoral Epistles, profoundly Pauline, are no island. The wonderful result is a commentary with scholarly ballast, literary grace, doctrinal insight, and spiritual sensitivity. It is informed by deep exegesis but does not get bogged down in technicalities. This should become a first go-to resource for advanced students in their research and for pastors concerned to do full justice to these writings in their ministerial labors and exposition of the Scriptures.

—Robert W. Yarbrough, professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

Top Highlights

“Crete is 3,219 square miles (8,336 m2) in size, and because of the mountainous nature of the island, travel is not always easy, especially since ‘there is little evidence for a Roman road system.’31 Thus Titus was faced with a formidable challenge, both logistically and theologically (in light of the false teachers). It also shows how ambitious Paul and his associates were in targeting the entire island and all of its cities for evangelization.” (Page 299)

“What such people need is not more courage or commitment but proper training in interpreting and communicating the scriptural message (cf. 3:16–17). Just as a worker takes pride in a job well done, the proper teaching of God’s Word requires training and skill.” (Page 243)

“Nevertheless, on balance it seems that a date after the end of Acts but prior to Paul’s death is preferred.” (Page 27)

“If prayer for political rulers could be urged when an emperor as cruel as Nero was on the throne, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which believers are exempt from this responsibility. Similar to Christians in the second half of the first century, believers today should take positive action toward those in authority, such as engaging in intercessory prayer for them, rather than taking an adversarial or antagonistic stance.” (Pages 93–94)

“In all likelihood Paul’s remarks are hyperbolic and thus shouldn’t be interpreted as absolute prohibition of braids, jewelry, or nice clothes. Paul’s primary purpose was to promote a focus on women’s inner beauty and godly character rather than on their external appearance. The dual principle is that Paul ‘is prohibiting not only extravagant and ostentatious adornment but also clothing that is seductive and enticing.” (Page 110)

Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary series

The Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (EBTC) series locates each biblical book within redemptive history and illuminates its unique theological contributions. All EBTC volumes feature informed exegetical treatment of the biblical book and thorough discussion of its most important theological themes in relation to the canon—all in a style that is useful and accessible to students of Scripture and preachers of the word.

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  • Title: 1-2 Timothy and Titus: Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (EBTC)
  • Author: Andreas J. Köstenberger
  • Series: Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (EBTC)
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Pages: 640
  • Format: Logos Digital, Hardcover
  • Trim Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781683594314

Andreas J. Köstenberger (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is senior research professor of New Testament and biblical theology and director of PhD studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author or coauthor of several books, including Encountering the Gospel of John, The Book Study Concordance of the Greek New Testament, and The Missions of Jesus and the Disciples according to the Fourth Gospel. He also translated Adolf Schlatter's two-volume New Testament Theology, and editor of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.


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