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Who Do You Say I Am? On the Humanity of Jesus

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Human existence is a bodily existence. A first principle of historic Christianity has been that Jesus assumed our humanity and everything essential to it in order that God may redeem all of our existence. Christ is the revelation of God and the revelation of true humanity. As we seek to understand our embodied experiences of the world and one another we do so in light of the embodied life of Jesus Christ. Jesus’s humanity shows us what it means to live an embodied human life rightly and how we, as embodied human beings, can relate to the world around us.

In this book we invite readers to explore with us why the humanity of Jesus is central to the Christian understanding of community, society, salvation, and life with God. Over the span of these ten chapters this book draws from biblical, historic, and cultural discussions as it enters into the breadth of the significance of the humanity of Jesus and explores how the reality of the Incarnation challenges and redeems our broken social structures, racial and ethnic divisions, economic systems, and sexuality.

  • Examines the humanity of Jesus
  • Explores related themes of community, society, salvation, and life with God
  • Draws from biblical, historic, and cultural discussions
  • The Body Prepared for Jesus

That Which Was Revealed: Scripture and the Humanity of Jesus

  • “‘Could This Be the Christ?’” The Samaritan Woman’s Testimony and Jesus’s Identity
  • Suffering, Solidarity, and Salvation: The Humanity of the Son in Hebrews 2, 4, and 5
  • Jesus From the Earth Up: Thinking About Jesus’s Humanity in the Canon

That Which was Seen: Art and the Humanity of Jesus

  • Portraits of Jesus in Christian Art Through the Ages
  • Seeking Mystery in Material: Reflections on the Making of Corpus

That Which was Testified to: History and the Humanity of Jesus

  • Bodies Transgressing Boundaries: in Imitatio Christi
  • Astonishing Fulfillment: Irenaeus and Origen on the Humanity of Christ

And Which We Proclaimed to You: The Contemporary Church and the Humanity of Jesus

  • Toward a Black Anthropology and Social Ethic: Why the Humanity and Jewishness of Jesus Matters
  • Jesus as Missional Migrant: Latin American Christologies, the New Testament Witness, and Twenty-first Century Migration
  • Fleming Rutledge
  • Lynn H. Cohick
  • Dana M. Harris
  • Darrell L. Bock
  • Robin M. Jensen
  • David J. P. Hooker
  • George Kalantzis
  • Brian E. Daley, SJ
  • Esau McCaulley
  • Christopher M. Hays
  • Milton Acosta
Christians for centuries have been convinced that it matters greatly that Jesus is both divine and human. But just what, more precisely, does it mean to say that the eternal and divine Son is also human? How should we think about the humanity of Christ? What difference might it make? These well-informed and articulate essays address fascinating issues, and the book provides guidance for future reflection on the meaning of Christ’s humanity.

—Thomas McCall, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Now well into the twenty-first century, we face the temptation to live our whole lives ‘in the cloud’ of social media and online entertainment and work. The Christian doctrine of the Incarnation, the humanity of Jesus, has the possibility of helping us re-claim our own embodiment for the good of self and community. Who Do You Say I Am? is not just helpful readings about Jesus, but also an important set of reflections on human life in the world. Here is a powerful antidote to over-spiritualized versions of Christian faith.

—Nijay Gupta, Portland Seminary

Too easily, even believers become almost agnostic about God. We prefer to keep things amorphous, universal, esoterically spiritual—because we fear the fleshly love that meets us on the cross. The deeply moving and inspiring essays in this volume invite us to see and touch and hear Jesus Christ again.

—Matthew Levering, Mundelein Seminary

George Kalantzis is Professor of Theology and Director of The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies at Wheaton College. He is author and editor of a number of works, including Caesar and the Lamb: Early Christian Attitudes on War and Military Service.

David B. Capes is Senior Research Fellow and former Dean of Biblical & Theological Studies and Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. His recent publications on Jesus in the New Testament include The Divine Christ: Paul, the Lord Jesus, and the Scriptures of Israel.

Ty Kieser is Guest Assistant Professor at Wheaton College. His research focuses on divine and human agency in christological operations and the theology of John Owen.


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    Save during the Summer Reading Sale!


    Digital list price: $25.00
    Regular price: $16.99
    Save $5.10 (30%)