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Reverberations of the Exodus in Scripture

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Inner-biblical studies is a blossoming field. Within this growing specialization, Reverberations of the Exodus in Scripture is a unique and refreshing contribution. Unlike most studies in this area focusing either solely on how Old Testament passages interact with other Old Testament texts or on the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament, this volume examines how a central and paradigmatic biblical event—the exodus from Egypt—resurfaces time and again in both testaments. Furthermore, the collaborative nature of this project has allowed specialists to construct each chapter. Readers of Reverberations of the Exodus in Scripture will gain a better understanding of the role of the exodus throughout the biblical canon and a deeper appreciation for its place in biblical theology.

  • Focuses on the exodus from Egypt as it recurs in various texts in both the Old and New Testaments
  • Explores inner-biblical exegesis and allusion
  • Emphasizes the place of the exodus in biblical theology
  • The Meaning and Significance of the Exodus Event
  • Joshua and Israel’s Exodus from the Desert Wilderness
  • The Psalms, the Exodus, and Israel’s Worship
  • Ezekiel as Moses—Israel as Pharaoh: Reverberations of the Exodus Narrative in Ezekiel
  • Promise and Failure: Second Exodus in Ezra–Nehemiah
  • The (New) Exodus in Luke and Acts: An Appeal for Moderation
  • “The Word Became Flesh and Tabernacled among Us”: A Primer for the Exodus in John’s Gospel
  • Ephesians and the Hermeneutics of the New Exodus
  • περὶ τῆς ἐξόδου . . . ἐμνημόνευσεν, “he spoke about the exodus”: Echoes of Exodus in Hebrews
  • The Exodus and Biblical Theology
  • Eugene H. Merrill
  • Denise R. Morris
  • Hélène M. Dallaire
  • Daniel J. Estes
  • Nevada Levi DeLapp
  • Joshua E. Williams
  • Joshua L. Mann
  • Thomas N. Willoughby
  • David I. Starling
  • Radu Gheorghita
  • Robin Routledg
Michael Fox has assembled a fine group of scholars who have offered fresh and illuminating essays on how the biblical authors used the story of the Exodus event. This examination of the Exodus motif in the Old and New Testaments will help you better understand its role throughout the canon of Scripture. Reverberations of the Exodus in Scripture makes a worthy contribution to scholarship in biblical theology.

—Terry L. Wilder, Professor and Wesley Harrison Chair of New Testament, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Texas

Reverberations of the Exodus in Scripture puts the ideas of inner-biblical exegesis and allusion into practice by showing how the Exodus event impacts and becomes the foundation for other biblical books. Additionally, the reader of the book benefits from not just one, but numerous top-notch scholars who contribute to the discussion. Any reader who wishes to see the idea of letting Scripture interpret Scripture should pick up this volume!

—N. Blake Hearson, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Missouri

  • Title: Reverberations of the Exodus in Scripture
  • Editor: R. Michael Fox
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Pages: 230
  • Resource Type: Collected Essays
  • Topic: Exodus

R. Michael Fox has taught courses in Biblical Studies and Biblical Hebrew at Texas Christian University and at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His articles, essays, and reviews appear in a variety of scholarly publications.


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    Save during the Summer Reading Sale!


    Digital list price: $27.00
    Regular price: $19.99
    Save $6.00 (30%)