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Products>Exodus Old and New: A Biblical Theology of Redemption (Essential Studies in Biblical Theology | ESBT)

Exodus Old and New: A Biblical Theology of Redemption (Essential Studies in Biblical Theology | ESBT)

ISBN: 9780830855407
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With Israel’s exodus out of Egypt, God established a pattern to help us understand the salvation of all his people—Israel and the nations—through Jesus Christ. In Exodus Old and New, L. Michael Morales examines the key elements of three major redemption movements in Scripture: the exodus out of Egypt, the second exodus foretold by the prophets, and the new exodus accomplished by Jesus Christ. We discover how the blood of a Passover lamb helps us grasp the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross, how the Lord’s defeat of Pharaoh foreshadowed Jesus’ victory over Satan, how Israel’s exodus out of Egypt unfolds the meaning of the resurrection, and much more. The second volume in the ESBT series, Exodus Old and New reveals how Old Testament stories of salvation provide insight into the accomplishments of Jesus and the unity of God’s purposes across history.

Essential Studies in Biblical Theology (ESBT), edited by Benjamin L. Gladd, explore the central or essential themes of the Bible’s grand storyline. Taking cues from Genesis 1–3, authors trace the presence of these themes throughout the entire sweep of redemption history. Written for students, church leaders, and laypeople, the ESBT offers an introduction to biblical theology.

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  • Examines the key elements of three major redemption movements in Scripture
  • Explores how the blood of a Passover lamb helps us grasp the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross
  • Reveals how Old Testament stories of salvation provide insight into the accomplishments of Jesus


  • Exile Before Exodus

Part One: The Historical Exodus Out of Egypt

  • The Exodus Prefigured
  • The Goal of the Exodus
  • Slaying the Sea Dragonv
  • The Feast of Passover
  • Moses, the Servant of Yahweh
  • The Cultic Exodus

Part Two: The Prophesied Second Exodus

  • Israel’s Need for a Second Exodus
  • The Prophesied Second Exodus
  • The Book of Isaiah: The Servant of the Second Exodus
  • Who is the Servant of Yahweh?

Part Three: The New Exodus of Jesus the Messiah

  • The New Exodus in the Gospel of John
  • The New Exodus of Resurrection: The Only Hope

Top Highlights

“True liberation is nothing less than restoration to the right relationship between the creature and Creator.” (Page 38)

“With inscrutable wisdom, God determined so to orchestrate Israel’s deliverance that the twofold dilemma of exile—humanity’s separation from Yahweh God and its utter ignorance of him—would be remedied, not only for Israel’s sake but for that of the nations as well. Understood this way, the first half of Exodus restores a knowledge of Yahweh to the world through the exodus (Exodus 1–15), and the second half restores the presence of Yahweh to humanity through the covenant gift of his tabernacling presence to Israel (Exodus 16–40).” (Page 39)

“Indeed, when the Bible story closes with the declaration that in the new earth ‘there was no more sea’ (Revelation 21:1), the point is theological, poetically referring to the absence of evil powers, rather than topographical.” (Page 56)

“Ultimately, a restoration of the nations to God will require an exodus, for the exodus pattern is nothing less than the reversal of exile, nothing less than resurrection from the dead.” (Page 16)

“The opening eleven chapters of Genesis unfold a theological history of humanity that serves as the backdrop for the rest of the Bible’s story of redemption, including the role of Israel within that story. This backdrop, as we will see, narrates humanity’s exile from God’s presence and life-yielding fellowship. Separated from Yahweh God, the fountain of life and being, humanity’s condition is one of death. As such, the return to God—the exodus—can only be life from the dead, deliverance from death.” (Page 7)

Exodus Old and New is a fascinating, well-written, and convincing book. Morales does a masterful job of demonstrating that the exodus theme is both extensive and pervasive throughout both the Old and New Testaments—indeed, it lies at the very heart of biblical theology. This is a fresh and insightful study of a very important theme. This book makes a very important contribution to the field of biblical theology and is a must-read for all who preach, teach, or write in this field.

—J. Daniel Hays, professor of biblical studies, Ouachita Baptist University

A key to understanding the coherent nature of scriptural revelation is to have a firm grasp on the biblical theological themes that stretch from Genesis to Revelation. Michael Morales has given us an impressive study of one of the most pervasive and interesting themes found in the Bible—the exodus. Exodus Old and New is based on solid scholarship, and the writing is extremely clear and accessible. I recommend this book for all serious readers of Scripture.

—Tremper Longman III, distinguished scholar and professor emeritus of biblical studies, Westmont College

The exodus is just as important as Michael Morales says it is, and this book (and the series) will rejoice the hearts of all who, having been saved through the judgment that fell on the Lamb, now pass through the wilderness sustained by the bread of life on the way to the new and better Jerusalem. Exodus Old and New will send its readers back to the Bible with fresh eyes and new questions. As with all books on biblical theology, readers should test everything by the Scriptures themselves, and Morales's vigorous prose and provocative ideas provide great exercise for those seeking to stretch their biblical-theological limbs and lungs. Enjoy!

—James M. Hamilton Jr., professor of biblical theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Title: Exodus Old and New: A Biblical Theology of Redemption (Essential Studies in Biblical Theology | ESBT)
  • Author: L. Michael Morales
  • Series: Essential Studies in Biblical Theology
  • Publisher: IVP Academic
  • Print Publication Date: 2020
  • Logos Release Date: 2020
  • Pages: 207
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Theology, doctrinal; Bible. O.T. Exodus › Theology
  • ISBNs: 9780830855407, 9780830855391, 0830855408, 0830855394
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-09-29T23:42:19Z

Instructor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Knox Theological Seminary.


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  1. Terry Barnes

    Terry Barnes


    So far, this book has been fabulous. It's precisely what I'm looking for to aid my paper on the themes of Exodus.


Print list price: $24.00
Save $6.01 (25%)