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1 Peter (Focus on the Bible | FB)

ISBN: 9781857923377
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For each section of the Bible, the Focus on the Bible Commentaries summarize the passage of Scripture, including the intentions of the authors, the historical and cultural environment, and the questions and issues raised by a particular passage. But most importantly, the Focus on the Bible Commentaries brings you into the heart of the Bible, by explaining Scripture in an accessible way that makes sense for daily Christian living.

1 Peter was written by the Apostle Peter to encourage believers for whom the storm clouds of persecution were gathering, just because they were Christians. To encourage them he first reminds them that suffering is temporary, and that faithful living in times of suffering will produce eternal benefits. He develops this theme to show that such a lifestyle, lived out in difficult and dangerous circumstances, is an effective witness to unbelievers, and will result in church growth—the very opposite effect intended by those who persecuted them.

What’s more, with the Logos edition, Scripture passages are linked to your favorite English translation for quick reference, or to your Greek and Hebrew texts for original-language study! That gives you quick access to the message of the Bible as you study it! You can also read the Focus on the Bible: 1 Peter along with your Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the wealth of other Bible study tools in your digital library. This commentary will serve as a vital aid for sermon preparation, for personal and group Bible study, and for anyone looking to apply the text of Scripture to practical Christian life.

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Key Features

  • Chapter-by-chapter commentary
  • Accessible and readable exposition
  • Eminently useful for preaching, teaching, and both personal and group Bible study

Top Highlights

“Paul has been called the apostle of faith, John the apostle of love and Peter the apostle of hope. This epistle confirms that assessment.” (Page 13)

“In the final assessment, righteousness is ultimately more important than physical comfort or self gratification.” (Page 6)

“All the materials in this building are ‘living’, being made spiritually alive by the resurrection life of the Cornerstone, and together they are being built into a spiritual house. This is a beautiful description of the purpose of the church. Many people have a variety of ideas as to why the church exists. Most sum it up in the phrase ‘Hatch, match and dispatch’, that is to christen, marry and bury. Scripture has loftier ideas than that. It shows us that it is not only a bride to be something (Rev. 19:7, 8) and a body to do something (Rom. 12:4, 5) but here fundamentally, it is a building for the pleasure of God.” (Page 58)

“There is no mistaking where we live—among the pagans—and there should be no misunderstanding as to how we live. In direct contrast to the pagans, we are to live good lives. The quality of our lives should be such that ultimately they will point away from ourselves to God. Men will see that the beauty and attractiveness which characterises the believer’s life is only possible through some outside agency.” (Page 67)

“Once these believers, and we too, lived in ignorance, without pardon and without knowledge of the way sins could be forgiven; but now: the tense used indicates a decisive moment when through the hearing, and understanding, and obedience to the gospel, this change was brought about.” (Page 65)

Praise for the Print Edition

1 Peter, written by the apostle Peter to encourage believers during times of suffering and persecution, is systematically discussed in such a way as to meet the need for serious engagement with the text and issues. It contains modern quotations and illustrations which bring the teaching to life, and combines substance with simplicity. A very helpful tool for personal Bible study.

CLC Book Reviews

 . . . Totally relevant to the many questions which our society wrestles with.

—Bill Cotton

 . . . An indispensible research source for pastors, teachers, and bible students.

Richard Mayhue, Professor of Theology and Pastoral Ministries, The Master's Seminary

" . . . Ambitious, competent, and well-presented . . . 

Derek Prime, former President, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

Product Details

  • Title: Focus on the Bible: 1 Peter
  • Author: Derek Cleave
  • Publisher: Christian Focus
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 176

Derek Cleave works for Gods Word for Today's World, an international organization dedicated to preaching the gospel and teaching the church.


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    Print list price: $15.99
    Save $5.00 (31%)