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Charles Spurgeon Complete Sermon Collection (63 vols.)

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This is the most complete collection of Charles Spurgeon's sermons available in print or digitally! In this collection there are over 3,550 sermons from one of the most gifted speakers and blessed Christian leaders of our era.

This collection is an invaluable tool in both sermon preparation and understanding. Additionally, The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection can also serve as a full Bible commentary as there are sermons and expositions from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.

This product is a complete digital edition of the Pilgrim Publications print edition—chronologically compiled from volume 1 to 63.

What’s more, the Logos edition makes the Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection more widely available and easier to access than ever! From the countless Scripture references linked straight to the biblical text, to the powerful search tools in your digital library, the Logos edition lets you encounter Spurgeon like never before. Logos also makes navigating lengthy, multi-volume works easier than ever—topics and Scripture references can be searched instantly with the click of a mouse. The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection is a must-have for pastors and teachers, and anyone interested studying the church’s most important preacher and most prolific writer.

Do you already own the Ages edition of The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection (63 vols.) that was built for Libronix? Then you will receive this updated collection for free, and the files will automatically download. The previous edition was created many years ago, using the best digital files available at the time. We have rebuilt The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection from the ground up—this collection contains new, updated files. Enhance your library with over 3,500 sermons from the "Prince of Preachers" by ordering this collection today!

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  • 3,561 sermons by Charles Spurgeon
  • Includes all the sermons from the New Park Street Pulpit and the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit
  • Sermons and expositions from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21
I have turned to Charles Spurgeon in these days for help, and I have not been disappointed. . . . I think the word "indefatigable" was created for people like Charles Spurgeon.

John Piper

. . . The greatest Bible preacher outside of Scripture.

Mark Driscoll

With whom among men can you compare [Spurgeon]? He combined the preaching power of Jonathan Edwards and Whitefield with the organizing power of Wesley, and the energy, fire, and courage of Luther.

—B. H. Carroll

Some of earth's great ones have no doubt sunk into oblivion, but among those whom history remembers only those are great whom history greatens. Spurgeon is among that number.

—W. Y. Fullerton

There was no voice in the Victorian pulpit as resonant, no preacher as beloved by the people, no orator as prodigious as Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

—Hughes Oliphant Old

Spurgeon combined oratorical prowess and evangelistic fervor with a deep concern for social issues . . . . Despite both his fame and his larger-than-life talent, Spurgeon retained a sense of reverence for the responsibility and act of preaching.

—Richard Lischer

Charles Haddon Spurgeon is one of evangelical Christianity’s immortals.

Carl F.H. Henry

Mr. Spurgeon laid his foundation in the Bible. His utterances abound with Scriptural text, figure, metaphor, and allusion. Whatever he says sends his hearers to the sacred record. But starting from this basis, he has added to it a stock of reading such as few men can show in their talk or in their writing. He cannot be accused of not being a man of the world, or of not knowing the ways of the world, for he reads the Book and the book of nature too. His style is illustrated with almost pictorial brightness.

The Times

As sermons they stand alone. Unequalled by any other published sermons, by men now in the pulpit or by those of other generations.

The Standard

Each setence is a cluster of diamonds, some rough, but all of them real. Each discourse has the genuine gospel ring that proves it to have been coined in the mint of heaven.

The Christian, London

The Paul of his time.

The Missionary Review

The impression I shall carry with me to my dying day was that of a man who had found life made real, noble, joyous, by his living faith in a living Christ, and who longed to impart to others the life which Christ had imparted to him.

Lyman Abbot, Outlook

Translated as Mr. Spurgeon's Sermons have been into nearly all the languages of the world, their popularity at home is a fact that admits no dispute, and needs no enforcement. The subjects of many texts are handled by him in a manner that shows his complete mastery of the highest rhetorical art of exposition.

The Daily Telegraph

  • Title: The Complete Spurgeon Sermon Collection
  • Author: Charles Spurgeon
  • Publisher: Passmore & Alabaster
  • Volumes: 63
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Charles Spurgeon was born in Kelvedon, Essex, England on June 19, 1834. He converted to Christianity in 1850 at a small Methodist chapel, to which he detoured during a snowstorm. While there, he heard a sermon on Isaiah 45:22 and was saved—“Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth, for I am God, and there is none else.” He began his own ministry of preaching and teaching immediately, and preached more than 500 sermons by the age of twenty.

In 1854, at nineteen years of age, Spurgeon began preaching at the New Park Street Chapel in London. He was appointed to a six month trial position, which he requested be cut to three months should the congregation dislike his preaching. He gained instant fame, however, and the church grew from 232 members to more than five thousand at the end of his pastorate. Many of his sermons were published each week and regularly sold more than 25,000 copies in twenty languages. Throughout his ministry, Spurgeon estimated that he preached to more than 10,000,000 people. Dwight L. Moody was deeply influenced by Spurgeon’s preaching, and founded the Moody Bible Institute after seeing Spurgeon’s work at the Pastor’s College in London.

Spurgeon read six books per week during his adult life, and read Pilgrim’s Progress more than 100 times. In addition to his studying and preaching, Spurgeon also founded the Pastor’s College (now Spurgeon’s College), various orphanages and schools, mission chapels, and numerous other social institutions.

Charles Spurgeon suffered from poor health throughout his life. He died on January 31, 1892, and was buried in London.


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  1. James



  2. Rocco Pizzirusso
    Spurgeon was a master at exalting Jesus Christ!! His use of language and imagery was par excellence! He was an amazing instrument in God's hand for the Church!
  3. Gregory Kavonius
    I own this wonderful resource, but it will not appear in a Passage Guide under sermons.
  4. Elio Juan Navarro
  5. Elio Juan Navarro
  6. Billy (BJ) Terrell
  7. David Anfinrud

    David Anfinrud


    A good resource. He was a Bible Preaching Preacher. It is amazing to have a resource to view the different passages in the Bible.
  8. Nathan Walker
    I would agree with some of the other reviews I've seen: Spurgeon is amazing, a great preacher, and worth every read; however, as this is being sold as a digital option by Logos, I would say it's greatest downfall is there's no easy way to search through the sermons. They say you can use it as a "full Bible commentary", but it's impossible to actually find any wanted passage without meticulously searching through all 63 volumes' table of contents. If you were going to do that, you might as well get the physical books. This seems to be a pretty large oversight by Logos.
  9. Justin Walker

    Justin Walker


    What a wonderful addition of resources to have all of these linked and indexed where they show up own topic guides, passage guides, etc. Thank you Logos for making these available and having staff that is extremely helpful for questions and tips.
  10. Matt



    Great resource 100%. Hard to beat it. However, I purchased for a very specific reason (search function), and it seems that this is either not indexed, or it is indexed very poorly. Kinda ruins the purpose of purchasing if there is no way to search throughout....


Collection value: $771.87
Save $271.88 (35%)
Starting at $41.70/mo at checkout