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Logos Bible Maps, Volume 1

Digital Logos Edition

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Contextualize Scripture and better understand its stories. Logos Bible Maps Volume 1 gives you access to high quality maps right in the Atlas—a powerful new feature that puts biblical narratives in context. These maps, created by a professional cartographer, offer powerful functionality—including zoom options and panning.

Derive greater meaning from biblical narratives by exploring them within their geographical context. Trace Jesus’ journey from baptism to temptation in the wilderness. Follow Paul on his missionary journeys. View the kingdoms ruled by Saul and David, pinpoint sites fortified by Solomon, and follow the journey of the Ark of the Covenant. Send maps straight to your next presentation or sermon with the Visual Copy tool. Hover over a city for a brief description and click the city name to open a new panel with even more information.

Browse maps chronologically, from the Pre-Patriarchal Period to the Early Church, and quickly jump back and forth between Bible references and maps. Reveal additional cities and narratives by zooming in and out. Atlas brings together story and geography so you can better understand the Word.

  • Includes maps that help you better understand the biblical world
  • Takes advantage of the new Atlas feature
  • Updates automatically as new maps are added

Return from Exile

  • Biblical World—Return from Exile
  • The Exiled Jews Begin to Return to Jerusalem
  • The Geography of Esther
  • Ezra Leads Exiles to Jerusalem
  • Nehemiah’s Enemies

Hellenistic Period

  • Biblical World—Hellenistic Period

Life of Jesus

  • Gabriel, Zechariah, Mary, and Elizabeth
  • Jesus’ Birth and Circumcision
  • The Wise Men from the East
  • Flight to Egypt, Return to Nazareth
  • Jesus and Family Visit the Temple
  • John the Baptist Starts His Ministry
  • Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation
  • First Disciples Called, First Miracle Performed
  • Jesus’ First Period of Judean Ministry
  • Herod Antipas Imprisons John
  • Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
  • Jesus Heals, Preaches, and Calls in Galilee
  • Jesus Tours Galilee and Returns to Capernaum
  • Jesus Resumes His Ministry in Galilee
  • Jesus Reassures John the Baptist
  • Jesus Calms a Storm and Expels a Demonic Legion
  • Miracles in Capernaum and Another Tour of Galilee
  • Jesus Calls, Commissions, and Sends Out the Twelve
  • Herod Antipas Beheads John
  • Jesus Feeds 5000, Walks on Water, and Teaches
  • Jesus Visits Tyre, Sidon, and Caesarea Philippi
  • The Mission of the Seventy-Two
  • Jesus Visits Mary and Martha
  • A Samaritan Village Rejects Jesus
  • Jesus’ Last Trip to Jerusalem, Up to the Triumphal Entry
  • Jesus Leaves Jerusalem and Goes Beyond the Jordan
  • Jesus Raises Lazarus, Then Withdraws to Ephraim
  • Jesus’ Post-Resurrection Appearances

The Early Church

  • Biblical World—The Early Church
  • Nations Represented at Pentecost
  • The Jerusalem Church Scatters
  • Paul’s Pre-Conversion and Early Post-Conversion Travels
  • Peter - A Ministry Tour
  • Barnabas and Paul, Antioch and Jerusalem
  • Paul and Barnabas on Cyprusn
  • Paul and Barnabas to Perga, Mark Departs
  • Paul and Barnabas to Pisidian Antioch
  • Paul and Barnabas to Iconium
  • Paul and Barnabas to Derbe Via Lystra
  • Paul and Barnabas Return to Antioch in Syria
  • The Jerusalem Council
  • Paul Chooses Silas, Barnabas Chooses Mark
  • From Tarsus to Lystra—Paul and Silas
  • From Lystra to Troas—Paul, Silas, and Timothy
  • From Troas to Philippi—Paul, Silas, and Timothy
  • From Philippi to Berea—Paul, Silas, and Timothy
  • From Berea to Athens—Paul
  • From Athens to Thessalonica—Timothy
  • Silas and Timothy Join Paul in Corinth
  • From Corinth to Ephesus—Paul, Priscilla, and Aquila
  • Apollos Begins to Teach
  • From Ephesus to Antioch via Jerusalem—Paul
  • Paul Starts His Third Missionary Journey
  • Paul’s Second Visit to Ephesus
  • Paul Sends Timothy and Erastus to Macedonia
  • Paul’s Second Visit to Corinth
  • Paul Sends Titus to Corinth
  • Paul Returns to Macedonia, and Visits Illyricum
  • Paul Revisits Achaia and Returns to Philippi
  • Paul in Troas
  • Ephesian Elders Meet Paul at Miletus
  • Paul Sails from Miletus to Tyre
  • Paul Travels from Tyre to Jerusalem
  • Paul’s Trip to Rome—Jerusalem to Caesarea
  • Paul’s Trip to Rome—Fair Havens to Malta
  • Paul’s Trip to Rome—Caesarea to Fair Havens
  • Paul’s Trip to Rome—Malta to Rome
  • Patmos, and the Seven Churches
  • Title: Logos Bible Maps, Volume 1
  • Series: Logos 6 maps
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Courseware
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2024-03-25T20:15:15Z


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  1. Nathan Harris

    Nathan Harris


  2. Hugo Sørli

    Hugo Sørli


  3. Claude Guex

    Claude Guex


    I've perhaps wrongly used the tool, but I was a bit disappointed. Some maps have roads and important places, but some are very very light. For example the map "Jesus Resumes His Ministry in Galilee" is covering more than 20 events, but when you click on them, only 2 show where it was ("Sermon on the Mount" & "Jesus raises a widow's son"), all others have no effect on the map. And the map itself is poor : 4 flags (3 very close) and around 10 cities, no road Would be very happy if it is just me who is not able to use it correctly, but if this is not the case, it is really too poor