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Eschatology in the Old Testament

, 2000
ISBN: 0567086650

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Using a canonical approach, in which he explores the Old Testament as a whole—rather than the teachings of individual Old Testament authors—Professor Gowan traces the hopes of the people of Israel for a better future. He concludes that for God to make things right, a three-fold transformation of the world must take place: God must transform the human person, human society, and nature itself. This is a modern, comprehensive introduction to eschatology in the Old Testament, and includes a new introduction.

Resource Experts
  • Analyzes the theology of the eschatological traditions of Israel
  • Examines the ethical overtones of eschatology
  • Considers potential or actual contemporary relevance of each theological theme
  • Introduction: A New Approach to Eschatology in the Old Testament
  • Zion: The Centre of Old Testament Eschatology
  • Peace in Zion: The Transformation of Human Society
  • The People of Zion: The Transformation of the Human Person
  • Highest of All the Hills: The Transformation of Nature
  • Conclusion: Old Testament Eschatology and Contemporary Hope for the Future

Top Highlights

“the affirmation that God had chosen Zion to be his resting place at that time” (Page 6)

“All was made by God, so nothing is bad in itself, but sin has by now left it hopelessly corrupted. These texts promise transformation as the radical victory over evil. To the challenge that has been raised concerning the appropriateness of calling the OT hope ‘eschatology,’ asking ‘end of what?’ it will be shown that a clear answer can be given. The answer is: ‘the end of evil.’” (Page 2)

“Frequently, Israel summed up everything that needed to be said about a specific hope in its words about Zion” (Page 10)

“the source of the good life in Zion is the presence of Yahweh in its midst.” (Page 6)

. . .a usefully synthetic approach to what can be a diffuse and baffling subject. . . interesting, thoughtful and readable. It succeeds splendidly in not only explaining Israelite eschatology but also in showing how the Old Testament has significance for today.

Scottish Journal of Theology

Donald E. Gowan is Robert Cleveland Holland Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and has authored several books on the Old Testament, including Theology in Exodus and Theology of the Prophetic Books.


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Regular price: $19.99
Save $6.00 (30%)