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Products>The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition (with apparatus)

The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition (with apparatus)

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The Greek text, established by an international and interconfessional committee, is identical with that of the 26th and 27th edition of Novum Testamentum Graece by Nestle-Aland except for some minor punctuation and paragraphing differences. The apparatus includes only those textual variants which involve significant differences in meaning for translators. For each variant, extensive manuscript evidence is cited, and an indication is given of the relative degree of certainty for each textual decision. A separate apparatus provides information on major differences in punctuation among modern Bible translations. The introduction and section headings are in English.

  • Contains a thorough revision of its critical apparatus
  • Special lemma search helps you find all inflected forms of a word by simply entering the infinitive
  • Search with linguistic databases
It really is a pleasure to look up and search in ways never thought possible before these great electronic resources. I must confess that the 'wow' factor remains high even after roughly three months of use.

—Rubén Gómez, Bible Software Review

  • Title: The Greek New Testament with Apparatus
  • Editors: Barbara Aland, Kurt Aland, Johannes Karavidopoulos, Carlo M. Martini, and Bruce M. Metzger
  • Edition: Fourth Revised
  • Publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft
  • Publication Date: 2000


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  1. Scott E. Johnson
  2. steven yoon

    steven yoon


  3. Rev. Delwyn X. Campbell Sr
    This is my Bible that I take with me to church. Now, I can leave it at home and just bring my phone :)
  4. Clifford B. Kvidahl
This product is not currently available to purchase.