Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781573128179


Thomas B. Slater’s commentary on Ephesians transports the modern reader into the world of the early church. Slater asserts that Ephesians was written to persuade its original audience that an ethnically inclusive church based on religious affiliation and faithfulness was part of God’s plan. Both Jew and Gentile are equal partners in the new religious commonwealth. Slater addresses two important questions: What does it mean to live in a racially inclusive community? and What are Paul’s ethical requirements for living in such a diverse setting? This commentary argues that Ephesians is deutero-Pauline, reinterpreting the Apostle for a new generation of Christians. Following Christ’s model, the letter to the Ephesians teaches virtues and relationships that ensure harmony and peace within the Christian church.

  • Title:Ephesians
  • Author:Slater, Thomas B.
  • Publisher:Smyth & Helwys
  • Publication Date:2012