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English Bible Collection (24 vols.)

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The English language has a rich tradition and collection of translations of the Holy Scriptures. Beginning with the Venerable Bede in the seventh century, many have taken up the mantle of making the Bible available and accessible to the common person. With the English Bible Collection (24 vols.), Logos has compiled together a select number of important and valuable English translations of the Scriptures. Each of the Bibles in the English Bible Collection (24 vols.) shows the development of the English language over time, making this collection an excellent choice for comparative English study through the translation of the Scriptures.

The English Bible Collections (24 vols.) is the perfect companion for your digital library. With Logos you can easily line up side-by-side any Hebrew or Greek text you have in your library with any of the Bibles in the English Bible Collections (24 vols.). This allows you the opportunity to compare the original language of the Bible with the translations of Tyndale, Wycliffe, and others in this collection. And if you do not have experience with Greek or Hebrew, no problem! You can easily compare modern day translations of the Bible with their ancient English relatives.

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Key Features

  • Quickly and easily search for any word or Scripture reference
  • Compare any Greek and Hebrew text side-by-side
  • Line up as many versions as you own for in-depth, verse-by-verse comparison with the Parallel Bible Versions report

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  • Title: English Bible Collection
  • Volumes: 24
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15 ratings

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  1. Andrew Heckmaster
    These historical English translation are like a time capsule of the English language. I highly recommend this to any and all biblical scholars or anyone who is particularly interested in English or American History as a subject. They could be cheaper, but you really do get a lot of Bible for the price.
  2. Aaron



  3. Mark Spencer

    Mark Spencer


    Great tool.
  4. Eugene



  5. Kelsey T Coleman
  6. Kiyah



    Please add the Bishops' Bible to this collection.
  7. Meshaal



  8. Oldnewbie



    No disappointment here! Thank you Logos for providing English translations I didn't even know existed. The Benisch, Leeser, and Spurrell translations are a very welcome addition to my OT studies along with the Thomson translation of the Septuagint and the Targum translations from the Early Bible Translations collection. I haven't even had a chance to look at the NT translations yet but I know that will be great, too. Great work!
  9. Gregorio Billikopf
    I feel an immense amount of gratitude for this extensive collection. It would have been worth it just for Leeser, Geneva, Tyndale and Spurrell alone. I have hard copies of some of these Bibles that I had to leave behind upon my return to Chile. The Geneva Bible hard copy is huge. I look forward to studying the versions I am not familiar with, also. Thank-you Logos.
  10. Eric Weiss

    Eric Weiss


    $23.34 + tax, shipped today. I apparently already had a few of these volumes. Thanks, Community Pricing!


Collection value: $237.75
Save $87.76 (36%)
Payment plans available in cart