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Lexham Survey of Theology

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The Lexham Survey of Theology (LST) provides a unique introduction to the doctrines of the Christian faith. It serves three distinct but related purposes.

  1. The LST lists all the major topics in systematic theology and organizes them in a hierarchy that captures their interrelationships.
  2. The LST provides a brief introduction to each theological topic that is objective, sympathetic, reverent, and written from a scholarly perspective. Each introduction includes a definition, an article-length description of the (small-O) orthodox approach to that doctrine, a list of key Bible passages, a list of recommended resources, and links to related concepts.
  3. The LST links directly to systematic theologies in Logos Bible Software. It functions as an index to what numerous theologians have to say about any given theological topic. The Lexham Survey of Theology does for systematic theologies what the Bible reference system has done for commentaries, journals, and other biblical studies resources: the LST makes it possible to link immediately to relevant discussions in multiple systematics.
  • Title: Lexham Survey of Theology
  • Authors: Brannon Ellis, Todd Hains, Jessica Parks, Fred Sanders, and Mark Ward
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
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