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Themelios: 1975-2018 (128 issues)

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Themelios is an international evangelical theological journal that expounds and defends the historic Christian faith. Its primary audience is theological students and pastors, though scholars read it as well. It was formerly a print journal operated by RTSF/UCCF in the United Kingdom, and it became a digital journal operated by The Gospel Coalition in 2008. The new editorial team, led by D. A. Carson, seeks to preserve representation, in both essayists and reviewers, from both sides of the Atlantic. Each issue contains articles on important theological themes, as well as book reviews and discussion—from the most important evangelical voices of our time. This collection contains the most recent issues published by The Gospel Coalition.

  • Editorials by D. A. Carson
  • Book reviews at the end of each issue discuss books written by an assortment of authors and theologians
  • Contributors from numerous denominations and professions
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With Logos, you have instant access to decades’ worth of content in Themelios. You can search by author, topic, and Scripture passage—and find it all instantly. What’s more, Scripture references are linked to both original language texts and English Bible translations, and links within each volume of Themelios allow you to quickly move from the table of contents to the articles to the index and back again. Save yourself from turning pages, cross-referencing citations, and unnecessarily complex research projects. The Logos edition of Themelios allows you to cut and paste the content you need for citations and automatically creates footnotes in your document using your preferred style guide. With Themelios, combined with the power of your digital library, you have the most important tools you need for your research projects, sermon preparation, and theological study!

Issue 43:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • When Revival Comes by D. A. Carson
  • The Rolling Stones Will Stop by Daniel Strange
  • Paul and Gender: A Review Article by Thomas R. Schreiner
  • Songs of the Seer: The Purpose of Revelation’s Hymns by Robert S. Smith
  • Have Theologians No Sense of Shame? How the Bible Reconciles Objective and Subjective Shame by Jackson Wu
  • Apocalypse Now: The Neo-Bultmannian Universalism of David Congdon’s The God Who Saves by Michael McClymond
  • The Kuyperian Impulse of the Benedict Option by James D. Clark
  • The Rule of Faith and Biblical Interpretation in Evangelical Theological Interpretation of Scripture by Adriani Milli Rodrigues

Issue 43:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • The Postmodernism That Refuses to Die by D. A. Carson
  • A Wiser Idiot by Daniel Strange
  • B. B. Warfield and the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity by Scott R. Swain
  • Reversing the Gospel: Warfield on Race and Racism by Fred G. Zaspel
  • A Theological Sickness unto Death: Philip Rieff’s Prophetic Analysis of our Secular Age by Bruce Riley Ashford
  • Spurgeon’s Use of Luther against the Oxford Movement by Geoffrey Chang
  • Burning Scripture with Passion: A Review of The Psalms (The Passion Translation) by Andrew G. Shead
  • When (and How) English-speaking Evangelicals Embraced Q by Michael Strickland

Issue 42:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Should Pastors Today Still Care about the Reformation? by D. A. Carson
  • I’m (Not) Getting Sentimental over You by Daniel Strange
  • #Charlottesville: Some Gospel Thinking on White Supremacy by Eric C. Redmond, Walter J. Redmond, Charis A. M. Redmond
  • Tayloring Christian Politics in Our Secular Age by Bruce Riley Ashford
  • A Paragon of Faith? Doubting Abraham by Andrew Chinpeng Ho
  • Covenant, Creation and Children: A Response to David Gibson’s Critique of Credobaptism by Graham Shearer
  • The Helpfulness of the Lesser Known Work: Isaac Watts on the Passions by Graham Beynon

Issue 42:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • On Knowing When to Resign by D. A. Carson
  • The ‘Only’ Option by Daniel Strange
  • Confession of a Reformed Philosopher: Why I Am a Compatibilist about Determinism and Moral Responsibility by John C. Wingard Jr.
  • Natural Selection and an Epistemology of Evil: An Incompatible Pair by J. Daniel McDonald
  • Wendell Berry’s “Risk”: In the Middle on Gay Marriage? by Jacob Shatzer
  • The Preeminence of Knowledge in John Calvin’s Doctrine of Conversion and Its Influence Upon His Ministry in Geneva by Obbie Tyler Todd
  • Redeeming Edwards’s Doctrine of Hell: An “Edwardsean” Account by Christopher Woznicki
  • A Missiology of Excluded Middles: An Analysis of the T4T Scheme for Evangelism and Discipleship by George A. Terry

Issue 42:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture in Our Lives by D. A. Carson
  • ‘Just Mike’: A Tribute to Mike Ovey (1958–2017) by Daniel Strange
  • Is Every Promise “Yes”? Old Testament Promises and the Christian by Jason DeRouchie
  • The Messianic Hope of Genesis: The Protoevangelium and Patriarchal Promises by Jared M. August
  • A Biblical Theology of Blessing in Genesis by Matt Champlin
  • Reflections on Handling the Old Testament as Jesus Would Have Us: Psalm 15 as a Case Study by Dane C. Ortlund
  • Belting Out the Blues as Believers: The Importance of Singing Lament by Robert S. Smith
  • “For Your Sake We Are Being Killed All Day Long”: Romans 8:36 and the Hermeneutics of Unexplained Suffering by David Starling
  • Gospel Differences, Harmonisations, and Historical Truth: Origen and Francis Watson’s Paradigm Shift? by Frederik S. Mulder

Issue 41:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Seekest Thou Great Things for Thyself? by D. A. Carson
  • Choose Your Fears Carefully by Michael J. Ovey
  • Seven Reasons You Should Not Indulge in Pornography by Andrew David Naselli
  • Fulfilling the Heroic Ideal: A Triperspectival Approach to Christian Moral Heroism by Matthew Lillicrap
  • Facts and Theories in Science and Theology: Implications for the Knowledge of Human Origins by Lydia Jaeger
  • We Who Work with Words: Towards a Theology of Writing by Pierce Taylor Hibbs
  • The “Same God Question”: Why Muslims are Not Moving Toward Christians by Fred Farrokh

Issue 41:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Subtle Ways to Abandon the Authority of Scripture in Our Lives by D. A. Carson
  • The Woman from Kentucky by D. A. Carson
  • The Echo Chamber of Idolatry by Michael J. Ovey
  • Numbering and Being Glad in Our Days: A Meditation on Psalm 90 by Mike Bullmore
  • Toward Theological Theology: Tracing the Methodological Principles of John Webster by Michael Allen
  • The Impassible God Who “Cried” Amos Winarto Oei
  • The Problem of Repentance and Relapse as a Unifying Theme in the Book of the Twelve by Gary E. Yates
  • The Septuagint and Biblical Theology by W. Edward Glenny
  • John Barclay’s Paul and the Gift and the New Perspective on Paul by Douglas J. Moo

Issue 41:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • When Did the Church Begin? by D. A. Carson
  • The Art of Imperious Ignorance by Michael J. Ovey
  • The Eighth Commandment as the Moral Foundation for Property Rights, Human Flourishing, and Careers in Business by Wayne Grudem
  • Conversion in C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength by Gavin Ortlund
  • Calling on the Name of the Lord: The Meaning and Significance of ἐπικαλέω in Romans 10:13 by Joel D. Estes
  • The Scribe Who Has Become a Disciple: Identifying and Becoming the Ideal Reader of the Biblical Canon by Ched Spellman
  • Paul and the Gift: A Review Article by Thomas R. Schreiner
  • Daniel Strange on the Theological Question of the Unevangelized: A Doctrinal Assessment by Kyle Faircloth
  • This Rock Unmoved: A Rejoinder to Kyle Faircloth by Daniel Strange

Issue 40:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • On Disputable Matters by D. A. Carson
  • Is the Wrath of God Extremist? by Michael J. Ovey
  • The Duty of a Pastor: John Owen on Feeding the Flock by Diligent Preaching of the Word by Matthew Barrett
  • More than a Game: A Theology of Sport by Jeremy R. Treat
  • The Amorality of Atheism by Robert S. Smith
  • Beyond Christian Environmentalism: Ecotheology as an Over-Contextualized Theology by Andrew J. Spencer
  • Rooted and Grounded? The Legitimacy of Abraham Kuyper’s Distinction between Church as Institute and Church as Organism, and Its Usefulness in Constructing an Evangelical Public Theology by Daniel Strange
  • “Not to Behold Faith, But the Object of Faith”: The Effect of William Perkins’s Doctrine of the Atonement on his Preaching of Assurance by Andrew Ballitch

Issue 40:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Some Reflections on Pastoral Leadership by D. A. Carson
  • Can Antigone Work in a Secularist Society? by Michael J. Ovey
  • Adam in Evangelical Theology by Brian J. Tabb
  • Five Truths for Sufferers from the Book of Job by Eric Ortlund
  • Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin: A Review Essay by Stephen N. Williams
  • Another Riddle without a Resolution? A Reply to Stephen Williams by Hans Madueme
  • The Lost World of Adam and Eve: A Review Essay by Richard E. Averbeck
  • Response to Richard Averbeck by John H. Walton
  • Communicating the Book of Job in the Twenty-First Century by Daniel J. Estes

Issue 40:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Editorial: Why the Local Church Is More Important Than TGC, White Horse Inn, 9Marks, and Maybe Even ETS by D. A. Carson
  • Courtier Politicians and Courtier Preachers by Michael J. Ovey
  • Abraham, Our Father by Brian J. Tabb
  • Irrational Violence? Reconsidering the Logic of Obedience in Genesis 22 by Matthew Rowley
  • ‘Fathers of Faith, My Fathers Now!’: On Abraham, Covenant, and the Theology of Paedobaptism by David Gibson
  • The Abrahamic Covenant in Reformed Baptist Perspective by Martin Salter
  • Romans 4 and the Justification of Abraham in Light of Perspectives New and Newer by David Shaw
  • Evangelical History after George Marsden: A Review Essay by Nathan A. Finn

Issue 39:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • “Editorial: The Underbelly of Revival? Five Reflections on Various Failures in the Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement” by D.A. Carson
  • “Off the Record: Is It a Mistake to Stay at the Crossroads?” by Michael J. Ovey
  • “Bye-bye Bible? Progress Report on the Death of Scripture” by Robert W. Yarbrough
  • “Three Reflections on Evangelical Academic Publishing” by Andrew David Naselli
  • “Participants In What We Proclaim: Recovering Paul’s Narrative of Pastoral Ministry” by Steven L. Porter
  • “The Gradual Nature of Sanctification: Σάρξ as Habituated, Relational Resistance to the Spirit” by Stephen Witmer

Issue 39:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • “Editorial: What Are Gospel Issues?” by D.A. Carson
  • “Off the Record: Projection Atheism: Why Reductionist Accounts of Humanity Can Lead to Reductionist Accounts of God” by Michael J. Ovey
  • “Editor’s Note: Engaging with Edwards: Essays on America’s Theologian” by Brian J. Tabb
  • “A Critical Examination of Jonathan Edwards’ Doctrine of the Trinity” by Ralph Cunnington
  • “Jonathan Edwards and God’s Inner Life: A Response to Kyle Strobel” by Gerald McDermott
  • “That Their Souls May Be Saved: The Theology and Practice of Jonathan Edwards on Church Discipline” by Jeremy M. Kimble
  • “John Henry Newman (1801–1890) in His Second Century” by Kenneth J. Stewart
  • “Pastoral Pensées: Laboring in Hopeless Hope: Encouragement for Christians from Ecclesiastes” by Eric Ortlund

Issue 39:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • “Editorial: Do the Work of an Evangelist” by D. A. Carson
  • “Off the Record: The Covert Thrill of Violence? Reading the Bible in Disbelief” by Michael J. Ovey
  • “Editor’s Note” by Brian J. Tabb
  • “A Biblical Theologian Reviews Gerald Bray’s Systematic Theology” by Thomas R. Schreiner
  • “Response to Tom Schreiner” by Gerald Bray
  • “A Systematician Reviews Tom Schreiner’s Biblical Theology” by Gerald Bray
  • “Response to Gerald Bray” by Thomas R. Schreiner
  • “Revival Defined and Defended: How the New Lights Tried and Failed to Use America’s First Religious Periodical to Quiet Critics and Quell Radicals” by Collin Hansen
  • “Should Evangelicals Embrace Historical Criticism? The Hays-Ansberry Proposal” by Robert W. Yarbrough
  • “Pastoral Pensées: The Care of Souls: The Heart of the Reformation” by Ray Van Neste

Issue 38:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • “Editorial: The Hole in the Gospel” by D. A. Carson
  • “Off the Record: Liberty, What Crimes Are Committed in Thy Name?” by Michael J. Ovey
  • “Jesus, the Theological Educator” by Keith Ferdinando
  • “‘The Voice of His Blood’: Christ’s Intercession in the Thought of Stephen Charnock” by Gavin Ortlund
  • “The Ministerial Ideal in the Ordination Sermons of Jonathan Edwards: Four Theological Portraits” by Robert Caldwell
  • “Secularisation: Myth or Menace? An Assessment of Modern ‘worldliness’” by Melvin Tinker
  • “Pastoral Pensées: 12 Reasons You Should Pray Scripture” by Andrew David Naselli

Issue 38:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • “Editorial: Kingdom, Ethics, and Individual Salvation” by D. A. Carson
  • “Off the Record: From Moral Majority to Evil Disbelievers: Coming Clean about Christian Atheism” by Michael J. Ovey
  • “Abounding in the Work of the Lord (1 Cor. 15:58): Everything We Do as Christians or Specific Gospel Work?” by Peter Orr
  • “Carl F. H. Henry’s Doctrine of the Atonement: A Synthesis and Brief Analysis” by Owen Strachan
  • “Will All Be Saved” by Gerald R. McDermott

Issue 38:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • “Editorial: As If Not” by D. A. Carson
  • “Off the Record: Colonial Atheism: A Very British Vice” by Michael J. Ovey
  • “The Pastoral Implications of Wise and Foolish Speech in the Book of Proverbs” by Eric Ortlund
  • “Telling the Story from the Bible (Part 2): Reviewing The Big Picture Story Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible” by David A. Shaw

Issue 37:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • "Editorial: More Examples of Intolerant Tolerance" by D. A. Carson
  • "Off the Record: Sorrow at Another’s Good?" by Michael J. Ovey
  • "The Present and Future of Biblical Theology" by Andreas J. Köstenberger
  • "Music, Singing, and Emotions: Exploring the Connections" by Rob Smith
  • "The Writing Pastor: An Essay on Spiritual Formation" by Peter R. Schemm Jr.

Issue 37:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2012

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial: The Beauty of Biblical Balance" by D. A. Carson
  • "Off the Record: The Right to Ridicule?" by Michael J. Ovey
  • "Bonhoeffer as Bible Scholar" by Robert W. Yarbrough
  • "Sacramental Supersessionism Revisited: A Response to Martin Salter on the Relationship between Circumcision and Baptism" by David Gibson
  • "Response to David Gibson" by Martin Salter
  • "Telling the Story from the Bible? How Story Bibles Work" by David A. Shaw
  • "High Stakes: Insider Movement Hermeneutics and the Gospel" by David B. Garner
  • "Some Reflections on Enns and The Evolution of Adam: A Review Essay" by Hans Madueme

Issue 37:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2012

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial: Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me" by D. A. Carson
  • "Off the Record: The Goldilocks Zone" by Michael J. Ovey
  • "John Owen on Union with Christ and Justification" by J. V. Fesko
  • "The Earth Is Crammed with Heaven: Four Guideposts to Reading and Teaching the Song of Songs" by Douglas Sean O’Donnell
  • "The Profit of Employing The Biblical Languages: Scriptural and Historical Reflections" by Jason S. DeRouchie

Issue 36:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2011

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial: Spiritual Disciplines" by D. A. Carson
  • "Jonathan Edwards: A Missionary?" by Jonathan Gibson
  • "That All May Honour the Son: Holding Out for a Deeper Christocentrism" by Andrew Moody
  • "An Evaluation of the 2011 Edition of the New International Version" by Rodney J. Decker
  • "Pastoral Pensées: Friends: The One with Jesus, Martha, and Mary; An Answer to Kierkegaard" by Melvin Tinker

Issue 36:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2011

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial: Generational Conflict in Ministry" by D. A. Carson
  • "Minority Report: A Word to the Conscience" Carl Trueman
  • "Is the Reformation Over? John Calvin, Roman Catholicism, and Contemporary Ecumenical Conversations" by Scott M. Manetsch
  • "Intrinsic Canonicity and the Inadequacy of the Community Approach to Canon-Determination" by John C. Peckham
  • "Canon as Tradition: The New Covenant and the Hermeneutical Question" by Mark R. Saucy
  • "Not Ashamed! The Sufficiency of Scripture for Public Theology" by Dan Strange
  • "A Preacher’s Decalogue" by Sinclair B. Ferguson

Issue 36:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2011

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial: On Abusing Matthew 18" by D. A. Carson
  • "Minority Report: Know Your Limits: The Key Secret of Theological Controversy" Carl Trueman
  • "Trinitarian Agency and the Eternal Subordination of the Son: An Augustinian Perspective" by Keith E. Johnson
  • "A Spirited Humanity: The Trinitarian Ecclesiology of Colin Gunton" by Uche Anizor
  • "Review Article: Magnum Opus and Magna Carta: The Meaning of the Pentateuch" by Stephen Dempster
  • "Pastoral Pensées: The Hopelessness of the Unevangelized" by Robert H. Gundry

Issue 35:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2010

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial: A Contrarian Reflections on Individualism" by D. A. Carson
  • "Minority Report: Terrible Beauty, Beauty, and the Plain Terrible" by Carl Trueman
  • "Fiction and Truth in the Old Testament Wisdom Literature" by Daniel J. Estes
  • "Plots, Themes, and Responsibilities: The Search for a Center of Biblical Theology Reexamined" by Daniel J. Brendsel
  • "The Dazzling Darkness of God's Triune Love: Introducing Evangelicals to the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar" Stephen M. Garrett
  • "Pastoral Pensées: A World Servant in Christian Liberal Arts Education" by Philip Graham Ryken

Issue 35:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2010

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Minority Report: Not in the Public Interest" by Carl Trueman
  • "B. B. Warfield on Creation and Evolution" by Fred G. Zaspel
  • "Why Evangelicals Should Ignore Brian McLaren: How the New Testament Requires Evangelicals to Render a Judgment on the Moral Status of Homosexuality" by Denny Burk
  • "A Member of the Family or a Stranger? A Review Article of Ancient Near Eastern Themes in the Biblical Theology" by Stephen Dempster
  • "Parallels, Real or Imagined? A Review Article of Jeffrey J. Niehaus, Ancient Near Eastern Themes in the Biblical Theology" William Edgar
  • "How to Write—and How Not to Write—a Review: An Appreciative Response to Reviews of Ancient Near Eastern Themes in the Biblical Theology by Dempster and Edgar" by Jeffrey J. Niehaus
  • "Pastoral Pensées: Motivations to Appeal to in Our Hearers When We Preach for Conversion" by D. A. Carson

Issue 35:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2010

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial: Perfectionism" by D. A. Carson
  • "Minority Report: The Importance of Not Studying Theology" by Carl Trueman
  • "New Commentaries on Colossians: Survey of Approaches, Analysis of Trends, and the State of Research" Nijay Gupta
  • "Does Baptism Replace Circumcision? An Examination of the Relationship between Circumcision and Baptism in Colossians 2:11–12" by Martin Salter
  • "Pastoral Pensées: (1 Timothy 3:14–16)" by Bill Kynes

Issue 34:3

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2009

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial" by D. A. Carson
  • "Minority Report: Lest We Forget" by Carl Trueman
  • "The Perspicuity of Scripture" by Wayne Grudem
  • "Christocentrism: An Asymmetrical Trinitarianism?" by Dane C. Ortlund
  • "Bearing Sword in the State, Turning Cheek in the Church: A Reformed Two-Kingdoms Interpretation of Matthew 5:38–42" by David VanDrunen
  • "'Deliver Us from the Evil One': Martin Luther on Prayer" by Mark Rogers
  • "Pastoral Pensées: Power in Preaching: Delight (2 Corinthians 12:1–10, Part 3 of 3" by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.

Issue 34:2

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2009

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial" by D. A. Carson
  • "Minority Report: A Question of Accountability" by Carl Trueman
  • "The Relationship Between Justification and Spiritual Fruit in Romans 5–8" by Jonathan R. Pratt
  • "Sola Fide Compromised? Martin Luther and the Doctrine of Baptism" by D. Patrick Ramsey
  • "The Inexhaustible Fountain of All Good Things: Union with Christ in Calvin on Ephesians" by Lee Gatiss
  • "Pastoral Pensées: Power in Preaching: Desire (1 Thessalonians 1:2–5), Part 2 of 3" by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.

Issue 34:1

  • Editor: D. A. Carson
  • Publisher: The Gospel Coalition
  • Publication Date: 2009

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

  • "Editorial" by D. A. Carson
  • "Minority Report: A Lesson from Peter the Barber" by Carl Trueman
  • "The Embattled Bible: Four More Books" by Robert W. Yarbrough
  • "How Far Beyond Chicago? Assessing Recent Attempts to Reframe the Inerrancy Debate" by Jason S. Sexton
  • "Divine Retribution: A Forgotten Doctrine?" by Andrew Atherstone
  • "Calvinism and Missions: The Contested Relationship Revisited" by Kenneth J. Stewart
  • "Pastoral Pensées: Power in Preaching: Decide (1 Corinthians 2:1–5), Part 1 of 3" Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.

Issue 33:3


  • "Minority Report: The Way of the Christian Academic," by Carl Trueman
  • "The Gospel and the Poor," by Tim Keller
  • "Shared Intentions? Reflections on Inspiration and Interpretation in Light of Scripture's Dual Authorship," by Jared M. Compton
  • "Ezra, According to the Gospel: Ezra 7:10," by Philip Graham Ryken


Issue 33:2


  • "Salvation History, Chronology, and Crisis: A Problem with Inclusivist Theology of Religions," Part 1 of 2, by Adams Sparks
  • "'Work Out Your Salvation';: Conduct 'Worthy of the Gospel'; in a Communal Context"
  • "The Longing of Love: Faith and Obedience in the Thought of Adolf Schlatter"
  • "Pastoral Pensées: Barack Obama: The Quandary of 'Selective Invisibility'," by Bruce L. Fields


Issue 33:1


  • "Blondel Remembered: His Philosophical Analysis of the 'Quest for the Historical Jesus'," by Paul Hartog
  • "Nonviolence in the Ancient Church and Christian Obedience," by Kirk R. MacGregor
  • "Truthfulness in Usefulness: Stanley Fish and American Literary Pragmatism," by Dane C. Ortlund
  • "An Augustinian Mindset," by Peter Sanlon


Issue 32:3


  • "The Last Word: The Great Commission: Ecclesiology," by Robbie F. Castleman
  • "A Surrejoinder to Peter Enns," by G. K. Beale
  • "Come to the Father: Ignatius of Antioch and His Calling to be a Martyr," by Michael A. G. Haykin
  • "Origins of the Particular Baptists," by Gordon L. Belyea
  • "Response to Greg Beale," by Peter Enns


Issue 32:2


  • "The Servant Solution: The Co-Ordination of Evangelism and Social Action. John Wenham Lecture 2007," by Melvin Tinker
  • "Preaching Advice from the 'Sermon' to the Hebrews," by Anthony T. Selvaggio
  • "How Pastoral is Open Theism? A Critique from the Writings of George Swinnock and Stephen Charnock," by Stephen Yuille
  • "Mission in the Bible: Non-Existent in the Old Testament but Ubiquitous in the New?" A Review Article, by Craig Blomberg
  • "The Last Word: Second Temple Evangelicalism," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 32:1


  • "Christian Morality: Jesus’ Teaching on the Law," by P. G. Nelson
  • "Doctrine From the Wrong Text?" by G. K. Beale
  • "The Last Word: Gender, Grace and a Greek Conjunction," by Robbie F. Castleman
  • "Eusebius’s Quest for the Historical Jesus: Historicity and Kerygma in the First Book of the Ecclesia," by Jonathon Armstrong


Issue Issue 31:3


  • "N. T. Wright on Prolegomena," by J. V. Fesko
  • "Reformational Thought and the Social Covenant," by Paul Wells
  • "Blinder Than You Think: A Response to Neil Broom’s How Blind Is The Watchmaker?" by John Wilks
  • "The Last Word: Surprise, the Essential Nature of Grace," by Robbie F. Castleman
  • "A New Testament Perspective on Homosexuality," by Thomas T. Schreiner


Issue 31:2


  • "Is Jesus Lost? Evangelicals and the Search for the Historical Jesus," by Michael Pahl
  • "Putting Suspenders on the World: Radical Orthodoxy as a Post-Secular Theological Proposal or What Can Evangelicals Learn from Postmodern Christian Platonists?" by R. Michael Allen
  • "What’s Emerging in the Church? Postmodernity," The Emergent Church, and the Reformation, by Jeffrey K. Jue
  • "Chastity and the Goodness of God: The Case for Premarital Sexual Abstinence," by Steven Tracy
  • "The Last Word: A Stone Hushin’ Life," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 31:1


  • "The West as Nineveh: How Does Nahum’s Message of Judgment Apply Today?" by Julie Woods
  • "Introducing the Athenians to God: Paul’s Failed Apologetic in Acts 17?" by Bruce M. Winter
  • "The Lost Message of the Lost Message of Jesus," by Stephen E. Witmer
  • "The Last Word: Killing the Messenger," by Robbie F. Castleman
  • "Review Article: The Story of Israel," by Charles L. Echols


Issue 30:3


  • "Ten Commandments, Two Tablets: The Shape of the Decalogue," by David L. Baker
  • "For Now We Live: A Study of Paul’s Pastoral From Pride to Peace," by Marion Carson
  • "An Augustinian Engagement with Pluralism and Postmodernism," by Scott Harrower
  • "The Quest for the Historical Machen," by Joshua W. Jipp
  • "Black Religious Experience," by Joe Kapolyo
  • "The Last Word: Joy, the Gigantic Secret," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 30:2


  • "Justification, Ecclesiology and the New Perspective," by Tim Chester
  • "The Old Perspective on the New Perspective: A Review of Some ‘Pre-Sanders’ Thinkers," by Preston M. Sprinkle
  • "Uneasy Consciences and Critical Minds: What the Followers of Carl Henry Can Learn From Edward Said," by Carl Trueman
  • "The Last Word: The Soothing Sin of Self-Esteem," by Robbie F. Castleman
  • "Are We Confronted With a New Italian Denomonationalism? Marginal Notes on a Book on the Relationship," by Giacomo Carlo Di Gaetano


Issue 30:1


  • "The Delight of Wisdom," by Mark J. Boda
  • "Were Old Covenant Believers Indwelt by the Holy Spirit?" by James Hamilton
  • "In Search of the Image of God: Theology of a Lost Paradigm," by Paul Wells
  • "Most Moved Mover," by K. Scott Oliphant
  • "The Last Word: The Skim-milk Gospel of Cheap Grace," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 29:3


  • "The Rending of the Veil (Matt. 27:51a par): A Look Back and a Way Forward," by Daniel M. Gurtner
  • "Johannine Jesus, The Supreme Example of Leadership: An Inquiry into John 13:1-20," by Jey J. Kanagaraj
  • "The God of Promise: Christian Scripture as Covenantal Revelation," by David Gibson
  • "Simon Gathercole Meets Henri Blocher," by Simon Gathercole
  • "The Last Word: My Father and Common Grace," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 29:2


  • "Should Evangelicals Participate in the “Third Quest for the Historical Jesus”?" by Michael Bird
  • "Gender and God-Talk: Can We Call God 'Mother'," by Richard S. Briggs
  • "Children, Covenant and the Church," by David F. Wright
  • "The Blurring of Time Distinctions in Roman Catholicism," by Leonardo De Chirico
  • "How Shall We Sing The Psalms: A Review Article," by Jamie Grant
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 29:1


  • "Living in a World Where Life is Cheap: The Relevance of the Book of Deuteronomy and the Sixth Commandment," by Melvin Tinker
  • "The Last and Next Christendom: Implications for Interpreting the Bible," by Robert W. Yarbrough
  • "On Barth’s Denial of Universalism," by Oliver Crisp
  • "A Free Lunch at the End of the Universe?" by Paul Wells
  • "Interview With Manuel Ortiz," by Carl Trueman
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 28:3


  • "Did Paul Change His Mind? An Examination of Some Aspects of Pauline Eschatology," by Paul Woodbridge
  • "Living the Christian Story," by John E. Colwell
  • "Theology and the Church: Divorce or Remarriage. The John Wenham Lecture 2002," by Carl Trueman
  • "Dialogue of the Devils: Five Letters Found in an Eighteenth Century Folio Volume," by E. A. Bellemaine
  • "Redaction Criticism, Tradition-History and Myth in New Testament Theology," by Simon Gathercole
  • "Religion Without God: A Review Article"


Issue 28:2


  • "Evil, Evangelism and Ecclesiastes," by Melvin Tinker
  • "The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ (Part Two): Approaching Sonship," by Stephen Williams
  • "Theology of Preaching in Martin Luther," by Dennis Ngien
  • "The Church and the City," by Manuel Ortiz
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 28:1


  • "Blameless Before God? Philippians 3:6 in Context," by Alan Thompson
  • "The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ (Part One)," by Stephen Williams
  • "The Trinity: Yesterday, Today and the Future," by Robet Letham
  • "Ontology and Biblical Theology: A Response to Carl Trueman’s Editorial: A Revolutionary Balancing Act," by Graeme Goldsworthy
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 27:3


  • "Devotional Books on the Old Testament: Some Recommended Reading," by Simon Gathercole
  • "Introducing the New Testament: Its Literature and Theology: A Review Article," by Craig Blomberg
  • "Reckoning with the Past in an Anti-Historical Age," by Carl Trueman
  • "Two Recent Commentaries on 1 Corinthians: A Review Article," by Kenneth A. Fox
  • "Between Bukuru and New York: Reflection on Islam, Christianity and Western Values," by David Smith
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 27:2


  • "Eating is Believing? On Midrash and the Mixing of Metaphors in John 6," by David Gibson
  • "Redemption and Resurrection: An Exercise in Biblical Systematic Theology," by Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.
  • "Is John Hick’s Concept of the Real an Adequate Criterion for Evaluating Religious Truth-Claims?" by John J. Johnson
  • "A Response to Rodney Holder on Barth and Natural Theology," by John C. McDowell
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 27:1


  • "Mistakes of the New Perspective on Paul," by Paul F. M. Zahl
  • "The Father With Two Songs: A Modern Reading of Luke 15," by Douglas J. W. Milne
  • "New Testament Literature Survey," by Alistair I. Wilson
  • "The Secret Diaries of Jonathan Edwards," by Daniel S. Strange
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie Castleman


Issue 26:3


  • "Biblical Doctrine of the Wrath of God (Part 2)," by R. V. G. Tasker
  • "Karl Barth and the Legitimacy of Natural Theology," by Rodney Holder
  • "Ancient Egypt and the Hebrew Monarchies: A Review Article," by K. A. Kitchen
  • "Are There Essential Differences Between the Sexes?" by Sharon James
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 26:2


  • "The Biblical Doctrine of the Wrath of God," by R. V. G. Tasker
  • "The Bible and Education: Ways of Construing the Relationship," by David Smith
  • "Last Supper/Lord’s Supper: More than a Parable in Action?" by Melvin Tinker
  • "Warranted Christian Belief: A Review Article," by Daniel Hill
  • "The Last Word," by Robbie F. Castleman


Issue 26:1


  • "The Biblical View of Truth Challenges: Postmodern Truth Decay," by Douglas Groothuis
  • "The Importance of Being Earnest: Approaching Theological Study," by Carl Trueman
  • Interview with Professor Howard Marshall
  • Review Article: "Praying the Tradition: The Origin and Use of Tradition in Nehemiah 9"


Issue 25:3


  • "Developments in Religious Education in England and Wales (Part 2): Methodology, Politics, Citizenship," by J. Philip Barnes & William K. Kay
  • "J. Gresham Machen, Inerrancy and Creedless Christianity," by D. G. Hart
  • "Interpreting the Bible Among the World Religions," by Christopher J. H. Wright
  • "Junction or Terminus?: Christianity in the West at the Dawn of the Third Millennium," by David Smith


Issue 25:2


  • "The “New Perspective on Paul” and Its Problems," by Mark A. Seifrid
  • "The Christology of Wolfhart Pannenberg," by Donald Macleod
  • "Admiring the Sistine Chapel: Reflections on Carl Henry’s God, Revelation and Authority," by Carl Trueman
  • "Systematic Series: A Review Article," by Tony Gray


Issue 25:1


  • "The Postmodern Challenge to Theology," by Douglas Groothuis
  • "Developments in Religious Education in England and Wales," by William K. Kay and L. Phillip Barnes
  • "Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: An Introduction," by D. Eryl Davies
  • Review Article: "Select Works of Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones," by Martin Downes
  • "New Testament Christology or New Testament Christologies?" by Geoffrey Grogan


Issue 24:3


  • Review Article: "New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis," by Philip Johnston
  • "The Concept of Idolatry," by Brian S. Rosner
  • "Qoheleth in the Canon?: Current Trends in the Interpretation of Ecclesiastes," by Craig Bartholomew
  • "The Religious Life of Theological Students," by Benjamin B. Warfield


Issue 24:2


  • "The Christology of Jürgen Moltmann," by Donald Macleod
  • "Rescuing Theology From Theologians," by Gerald Bray
  • "Architects of Evangelical Intellectual Thought: Abraham Kuyper and Benjamin Warfield," by Peter S. Heslam
  • "God Does Not Play Dice," by Tony Gray


Issue 24:1


  • "Lindsay Brown," by Stephen Williams
  • "The Jubilee and the Millennium," by David L. Baker
  • "Formulation of Creeds in the Early Church," by Graham Keith


Issue 23:3


  • "Two Books on Mission: Review Article," by Dewi Arwel Hughes
  • "Salvation as Theosis: The Teaching of Eastern Orthodoxy," by Don Fairbairn
  • "Eschatology and the Church: Some New Testament Perspectives," by Craig Blomberg
  • "Theology in South Africa: The Current Situation," by David T. Williams


Issue 23:2


  • "The Theology of Fantasy in Lewis and Tolkien," by Colin Duriez
  • "Methods and Perspectives in Understanding the New Age," by John W. Drane
  • "That You May Believe: An Editorial," by Stephen Williams
  • "A Historical View of John’s Gospel," by David Wenham


Issue 23:1


  • "The Theology of the Cross: Subversive Theology for a Postmodern World," by Graham Tomlin
  • "Scripture and Experience," by T. A. Noble
  • "The Poor of the Gospels and the Good News Proclaimed to Them," by Joey J. Kanogaraj
  • "Recent Study of the Pastoral Epistles," by I. Howard Marshall


Issue 22:3


  • "Historical Methodology and New Testament Study," by Anthony R. Cross
  • "Three Evangelical Voices," by Alister McGrath
  • "The Messiah Who Was Cursed on the Tree," by Torlief Elgvin
  • "A Supplementary Word," by Stephen Williams
  • "The Old Testament Books in Modern Scholarship," by J. Gordon McConville


Issue 22:2


  • "A Japanese Perspective on the Trinity," by Nozumu Miyahira
  • "Understanding Pauline Studies: Part 2," by Stanley E. Porter
  • "Post/Late? Modernity as the Context for Christian Scholarship Today," by Craig Bartholomew
  • "The Judgment of God: The Problem of the Canaanites," by J. P. U. Lilley


Issue 22:1


  • "The Role of Methodism in the Chartist Movement," by Nigel Scotland
  • "Understanding Pauline Studies: Part One," by Stanley E. Porter
  • "Pentateuchal Studies Today," by Gordon Wenham
  • "Evolution and Eschatology," by David N. Livingstone


Issue 21:3


  • "Identity Crisis?: The Nation-state, Nationality, Regionalism, Language and Religion," by Neil Summerton
  • "Comment," by Phil Hill
  • "Language in God’s Economy: A Welsh and International Perspective," by R. M. Jones
  • "‘Verigo’ or ‘Imago’? Nations in the Divine Economy," by William Storrar


Issue 21:2


  • "The Relatives of Jesus," by Richard Bauckham
  • "Why We Need the Puritans," by James I. Packer
  • "Destroyed For Ever: An Examination of the Debates Concerning Annihilation and Conditional Immortality," by Tony Gray
  • "Rhetorical Criticism: An Introduction," by Steve Walton


Issue 21:1


  • "The Parousia: Getting our Terms Right," by Walter Riggans
  • "Deliverance: The Evolution of a Doctrine," by Stephen Hunt
  • "The Bible and Homosexuality," by J. Glen Taylor


Issue 20:3


  • "Studies in the Book of Joshua," by Richard S. Hess
  • "The Fallacy of Contextualism," by William A. Dembski
  • "Living Theologically: Toward a Theology of Christian Practice," by R. Paul Stevens


Issue 20:2


  • "History, Theology and the Biblical Canon: An Introduction to Basic Issues," by Eckhard Schnabel
  • "Informal Controlled Oral Tradition and the Synoptic Gospels," by Kenneth E. Bailey
  • "How Jesus Understood the Last Supper: A Parable in Action," by David Wenham


Issue 20:1


  • "Understanding African Theology in the 20th Century," by Kwame Bediako
  • "The Death of Jesus for Human Sins: The Historical Basis for a Theological Concept," by Karl Olav Sandnes
  • "On Reading a New Testament Letter: Devotionally, Homiletically, Academically," by Richard N. Longenecker
  • "Heresy and the Pastoral Epistles," by Oskar Skarsaune


Issue 19:3


  • "The Law of Sin and Death: Ecclesiastes and Genesis 1–3," by David M. Clemens
  • "Context, Bible, and Ethics: A Latin American Perspective," by M. Daniel Carroll
  • "Beyond Liberation Theology: A Review Article," by Samuel Escobar
  • "Trends of Theology in Asia," by David S. Lim


Issue 19:2


  • "The Origins of the Worship of Christ," by L. W. Hurtado
  • "Recent Studies in Old Testament History: A Review Article," by Richard S. Hess
  • "Introductory Source for the Interaction of Science and Christianity," by Steve Bishop


Issue 19:1


  • "Some Recent Literature on John: a Review Article," by David Ball
  • "The Star of Bethlehem, Drawing Giraffes, and Other Good Things: A Selection of New Testament Journal," by David Wenham
  • "Science and Faith: Boa Constrictors and Warthogs," by Steve Bishop
  • "Postmodernism, Pluralism and John Hick," by Robert Cook


Issue 18:3


  • "My Pilgrimage in Theology," John Goldingay
  • "Gaia Spirituality: A Christian Critique," by Loren Wilkinson
  • "The Image of God in Humanity: A Biblical-Psychological Perspective," by R. Ward Wilson and Craig L. Blomberg
  • "The Roles of Women and the Man in Genesis 3," by Richard S. Hess
  • "A Survey of Church History Articles 1990–1992," by Martin Davie


Issue 18:2


  • "How Far Do Readers Make Sense? Interpreting Biblical Narrative," by John Goldingay
  • "Poems for People in Distress: The Apocalypse of John and the Contemplative Life," by R. Paul Stevens
  • "Biblical Ethics: A Survey of the Last Decade," by Chris Wright
  • "The Gospel as Public Truth: A Conference Report," by John Corris
  • "New Horizons in Hermeneutics: A Review Article," by Richard S. Hess


Issue 18:1


  • "Development in New Testament Christology," by R. T. France
  • "The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus and its Implications for Jewish-Christian Relations," by W. Riggan
  • "Christian Mission in Europe," by Peter Kuznic


Issue 17:3


  • "A Stalemate of Genders? Some Hermeneutical Reflections," by C. Powell
  • "The Value of Women and World View," by E. Jensen
  • "The Mystery of Male and Female: Biblical and Trinitarian Models," by R. P. Stevens
  • "Feminist Theology as Critique and Renewal of Theology," by A. Hauge
  • "The Hermeneutics of Feminism," by R. Letham


Issue 17:2


  • "Keith Ward: Taking Leave of God Incarnate: A Review Article," by Robert R. Cook
  • "A Survey of Historical Theology Articles 1989-90," by Tony Lane
  • "Pseudonymity and the New Testament," by Conrad Gempf
  • "New directions in Biblical Theology," by Charles H. H. Scobie
  • "Appendices in the New Testament," by Mikeal C. Parsons


Issue 17:1


  • "The Kansas City Prophets: an Assessment," by Nigel G. Wright
  • "Charismatic Prophecy and New Testament Prophecy," by Mark J. Cartledge
  • "Judgment and Promise: the Message of Jeremiah," by J. Gordon McConville
  • "Has the Chronology of the Hebrew Kings Finally been Settled?" by Leslie McFall


Issue 16:3


  • "Sternberg on Biblical Narrative: A Review Article," by R. W. L. Moberly
  • "Green Theology and Deep Ecology: New Age or New Creation?" by Steve Bishop
  • "Purpose in Pain? Teleology and the Problem of Evil," by Melvin Tinker
  • "God, GUTs and Gurus: the New Physics and New Age Ideology," by Ernest C. Lucas


Issue 16:2


  • "A Survey of OT Articles 1989-1990," by Martin Selman
  • "Recent Calvin Literature: A Review Article," by Tony Lane
  • "Conference Theology: Four Personal Views," by Christopher Sugden, Tormod Engelsviken, Erhard Berneburg, and Arthur Glasser
  • "Jesus and the Scriptures: Two Short Notes," by Walter Riggans
  • "Restoration and the ‘House Church’ Movement," by Nigel G. Wright


Issue 16:1


  • "Attitudes the State in Western Theological Thinking," by Torleiv Austad
  • "The New Testament and the ‘State,’" by N. T. Wright
  • "The People of God and the State in the Old Testament," by Christopher J. H. Wright


Issue 15:3


  • "Survey of NT Articles 1988 and 1989," by David Wenham
  • "Faith and Philosophy in the Early Church," by Roy Kearsley
  • "Evangelicals and Spirituality," by C. J. H. Hingley
  • "Intertestamental Judaism, its Literature and its Significance," by Roger Beckwith


Issue 15:2


  • "A Survey of Church History Articles 1986-9," by Martin Davie
  • "AIDS, Judgment and Blessing," by John White
  • "Moving on with God: Key Motifs in Exodus 13-20," by Deryck Sheriffs
  • "New Testament Genre Criticism for the 1990s," by Craig L. Blomberg


Issue 15:1


  • "Writing the History of Israel: A Review Article," by David Deboys, K. A. Kitchen, and R. S. Hess
  • "Prosperity Theology and the Faith Movement," by Robert Jackson
  • "The Origins of Israel in Canaan," by John J. Bimson


Issue 14:3


  • "The Sabbath: Mark of Distinction," by David T. Williams
  • "The Place of Biblical Criticism in Theological Study," by Gordon J. Wenham
  • "Did Jesus and his Followers Preach the Right Doctrine from the Wrong Texts?" by G. K. Beale


Issue 14:2


  • "Selected Recent Studies of the Fourth Gospel," by D. A. Carson
  • "The Present State of Lucan Studies," by I. Howard Marshall
  • "The Gospel of Mark in Recent Study," by L. W. Hurtado
  • "Matthew’s Gospel in Recent Study," by Dick France


Issue 14:1


  • "Five Christian Books on AIDS," by John Wilkinson
  • "Women and the Kingdom of God: Three Recent Books," by Sally Alsford
  • "The Alien According to the Torah," by Georges Chawkat Moucarry
  • "Recent Commentaries on the Acts of the Apostles," by W. Ward Gasque
  • "Truth, Myth and Incarnation," by Melvin Tinker
  • "Hebrews and the Anticipation of Completion," by Paul Ellingworth


Issue 13:3


  • "‘Seek the Welfare of the City’: Social Ethics According to 1 Peter," by Bruce Winter
  • "Outline for Ethics: A Response to Oliver O’Donovan," by Stephen N. Williams
  • "An Evangelical Approach to ‘Theological Criticism’," by I. Howard Marshall


Issue 13:2


  • "Evangelical Commentaries on Isaiah," by Martin J. Selman
  • "Theological Trends in Asia," by Bong Rin Ro
  • "New Testament Pseudonymity: A Review," by Donald Guthrie
  • "The Paulinism of Acts Again: Two Historical Clues in 1 Thessalonians," by David Wenham
  • "Go Therefore and Make Disciples… The Concept of Discipleship in the New Testament," by Hans Kvalbein
  • "Justification: the New Ecumenical Debate," by Alister McGrath


Issue 13:1


  • "Conversion: a Comparison of Calvin and Spener," by A. N. S. Lane
  • "Towards an Analysis of Cult, by N. A. D. Scotland
  • "The Priority of Jesus: A Look at the Place of Jesus’ Teaching and Example in Christian Ethics," by Melvin Tinker
  • "‘Who is the Prophet Talking About?’ Some Reflections on the New Testament’s Use of the Old," by Richard N. Longenecker


Issue 12:3


  • "Three Commentaries on Matthew: A Review," by Gerhard Maier
  • "Jesus and the Poor: Two Texts and a Tentative Conclusion," by Hans Kvalbein
  • "Work, Faith and Freedom," by John W. Gladwin


Issue 12:2


  • "Recent Trends in Christology," by Gerald L. Bray
  • "Four Other Gospels: Review Article," by D. F. Wright
  • "Synoptic Studies: Some Recent Methodological Developments and Debates," by Craig L. Blomberg
  • "Some Scientific Issues Related to the Understanding of Genesis 1-3," by E. C. Lucas


Issue 12:1


  • "Asking God," by Paul Helm
  • "Process Theology: A Survey and an Appraisal," by Norman Geisler and William D. Watkins
  • "Paul and the Law: Observations on Some Recent Debates," by John M. G. Barclay


Issue 11:3


  • "‘Incidentalism’ in Theology, or a Theology for Thirty-year-olds," by David F. Wright
  • "Story in the Old Testament," by R. W. L. Moberly
  • "Humility and Commitment: An Approach to Modern Hermeneutics," by Winfried Corduan


Issue 11:2


  • "The Problem of Judgment," by Stephen H. Travis
  • "The Concept of Relationship as a Key to the Comparative Understanding of Christianity and Islam," by Ida Glaser
  • "The Old Testament View of Life After Death," by Desmond Alexander
  • "The New Testament View of Life After Death," by Murray J. Harris


Issue 11:1


  • "A Taproot of Radicalism," by Paul Helm
  • "The Date of Deuteronomy: Linch-pin of Old Testament Criticism Part 2," by Gordon J. Wenham
  • "The Hope of a New Age, the Kingdom of God in the New Testament," by I. Howard Marshall


Issue 10:3


  • "The Date of Deuteronomy: Linch-pin of Old Testament Criticism Part 1," by Gordon J. Wenham
  • "Ordination," by David F. Wright
  • "Recent Trends in Roman Catholicism," by Carl F. Wisloff


Issue 10:2


  • "Caste, Mission and Church Growth," by Philip Lewis
  • "Issues for the Church in a Multi-Racial Society," by John Root
  • "Church and State in South Africa," by Jim Stamoolis
  • "Race, Class, Caste and the Bible," by J. Andrew Kirk


Issue 10:1


  • "The Ecumenical Quest for Agreement in Faith," by Roger T. Beckwith
  • "Pre-Christian Gnosticism, the New Testament and Nag Hammadi in Recent Debate," by Edwin M. Yamauchi
  • "Secularization: The Fate of Faith in Modern Society," by David Lyon
  • "Curriculum for Credo: The Content and Aim of the Church’s Teaching Task," by Roy Kearsley
  • "A Guide to the Study of the Prophets," by Paul E. Copeland


Issue 9:3


  • "Why Study Philosophy of Religion?" by Mark Geldard
  • "‘Only the Suffering God can Help’: Divine Passibility in Modern Theology," by Richard J. Bauckham
  • "Building the Bridge from Academic Theology to Christian Mission," by Clark H. Pinnock


Issue 9:2


  • "Dialectical Ministry: Christian Life and Mission in the Multi-faith Situation," by Christopher Lamb
  • "Christianity and Other Religions: A Review of Some Recent Discussion," by Dewi Arwel Hughes
  • "The Christian and Other Religions: The Biblical Evidence," by Christopher J. H. Wright


Issue 9:1


  • "Contextualisation in Theology," by Martin Goldsmith
  • "The Identity of the Holy Spirit: A Problem in Trinitarian Theology," by John Webster
  • "Recent Literature on the Fourth Gospel: Some Reflections," by D. A. Carson


Issue 8:3


  • "Evangelical Revival and Society: A Historiographical Review of Methodism and British Society c.1750-1850," by David Hempton
  • "The Divorce Debate: Where are we Now?" by David Field
  • "The Pentateuch Today," by J. G. McConville
  • "Doing and Interpreting: An Examination of the Relationship between Theory and Practice in Latin American Liberation Theology"


Issue 8:2


  • "From Partnership to Marriage: Consultation on the Relationship Between Evangelism and Social Response," by Chris Sugden and David Bosch
  • "Jean Calvin: The Father of Capitalism," by W. Stanford Reid
  • "Recent Old Testament Study: An Evangelical Assessment," by Gordon J. Wenham
  • "The Old Testament and Christian Faith: Jesus and the Old Testament in Matthew 1-5, Part 2," by John E. Goldingay
  • "The ‘Majority Text Debate’: New Form of an Old Issue," by Michael W. Holmes


Issue 8:1


  • "Covenant, Treaty, and Prophecy," by Ernest C. Lucas
  • "Talking Points: Science Versus Religion," by Nigel N. de S. Cameron
  • "Dynamic Christology," by Graham Cheeseman
  • "The Emergence of the Doctrine of the Incarnation," by Leon Morris
  • "The Old Testament and Christian Faith: Jesus and the Old Testament in Matthew 1-5, Part 1," by John E. Goldingay


Issue 7:3


  • "Talking Points: Genesis and Evolution," by Nigel M. de S. Cameron
  • "Recent Work on Barth: A Survey of Literature Since 1975," by John Webster
  • "Towards a Mutual Understanding of Christian and Islamic Concepts of Revelation," by Ida Glaser
  • "Some Thoughts on the History of the New Testament Canon," by Theo Donner
  • "Weakness: Paul’s and Ours," by Richard J. Bauckham
  • "A New Tübingen School? E. Käsemann and His Commentary on Romans," by T. N. Wright


Issue 7:2


  • "Dean Burgon and the Bible: An Eminent Victorian and the Problem of Inspiration," by N. M. de S. Cameron
  • "Hans Küng: Architect of Radical Catholicism," by Donald Dean Smeeton
  • "The Contemporary Relevance of Christendom’s Creeds," by Bruce A. Demarest


Issue 7:1


  • "The Kingdom of God and Christian Politics," by David G. Kibble
  • "Niebuhr’s Doctrine of Revelation in Contemporary Theology," by Robert M. Price
  • "The Interpreted Word: Reflections on Contextual Hermeneutics," by C. René Padilla
  • "Jacques Ellul: The Prophet as Theologian," by David W. Gill


Issue 6:3


  • "Christian Ministry in its Theological Context," by Craig M. Watts
  • "Three Current Challenges of the Occult," by Anthony Stone
  • "The Status of Justification by Faith in Paul’s Thought: A Brief Survey of a Modern Debate," by Ronald Y. K. Fung
  • "Mercy Triumphs Over Justice: James 2:13 and the Theology of Faith and Works," by William Dyrness


Issue 6:2


  • "The Radical Reformation Reassessed," by A. Skevington Wood
  • "The Q Debate Since 1955," by Howard Biggs
  • "Explaining Social Reality: Some Christian Reflections," by Richard J. Mouw


Issue 6:1


  • "Godliness and Good Learning: Cranfield’s Romans," by Tom Wright
  • "Old Testament Prophets’ Self-Understanding of Their Prophecy," by Douglas Stuart
  • "Tensions in Calvin’s Idea of Predestination," by Wing-hung Lam
  • "Spirit and Life: Some Reflections on Johannine Theology," by David Wenham


Issue 5:3


  • "The Biblical Basis of Hope," by D. R. Denton
  • "The Reverse Order of Ezra/Nehemiah Reconsidered," by Edwin M. Yamauchi
  • "The Sword of the Spirit: The Meaning of Inspiration," by Donald Bloesch
  • "God and Family: From Sociology to Covenant Theology," by A. Van Seters


Issue 5:2


  • "Interpreting Texts in the Context of the Whole Bible," by David Baker
  • "The Willowbank Consultation Jan 1978, A Personal Reflection," by Kwame Bediako
  • "How Do We Interpret the Bible Today?" by I. Howard Marshall
  • "Hermeneutics: A Brief Assessment of Some Recent Trends," by D. A. Carson


Issue 5:1


  • "God the Mad Scientist: Process Theology on God and Evil," by Stephen T. Davis
  • "The Psychology of Incarnation," by Robert R. Cook
  • "Was the Tomb Really Empty?" by Robert H. Stein
  • "Evangelicals and Theological Creativity," by Geoffrey W. Bromiley


Issue 4:3


  • "Structural Analysis," by Carl Armerding
  • "Jesus and the Law: An Exegesis of Matthew 5:17-20," by David Wenham
  • "The Vital Question," by J. I. Packer
  • "Preaching in Worship," by R. T. Kendall


Issue 4:2


  • "Towards a Biblical View of Universalism," by N. T. Wright
  • "Shall You Not Surely Die," by Edwin A. Blum
  • "Universalism: A Historical Survey," by Richard Bauckham


Issue 4:1


  • "Arguing about Origins," by Paul Helm
  • "Is There Pseudonymity in the Old Testament?" by Joyce G. Baldwin
  • "The Hermeneutical Problem of Genesis 1-11," by Noel Weeks
  • "Barnabas: Son of Encouragement," by Dick France


Issue 3:3


  • "An Evangelical and Critical Approach to the Sayings of Jesus," by Bruce D. Chilton
  • "James Barr on ‘Fundamentalism’: A Review Article," by David F. Wright
  • "Thinking Biblically About Islam," by Colin J. Chapman


Issue 3:2


  • "A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of the Reformation, Part 2: Development," by A. Skevington Wood
  • "The Rise of Apocalyptic," by Richard Bauckham
  • "Can We Dispense With Chalcedon?" by Gerald E. Bray


Issue 3:1


  • "Comparative Methods and Patriarchal Narratives," by Martin J. Selman
  • "The Forensic Nature of Justification," by Ronald Y. K. Fung
  • "God’s Lethal Weapon (Hebrews 4:11-13)," by Andrew T. Lincoln
  • "God’s Word and Man’s Myths," by C. René Padilla


Issue 2:3


  • "Acts and Galatians Reconsidered," by Colin J. Hemer
  • "The ‘Rapture’ Question," by Grant R. Osborne
  • "Five Ways to Salvation in Contemporary Guruism," by Vishal Mangalwadi
  • "Karl Barth and Christian Apologetics," by Clark H. Pinnock


Issue 2:2


  • "Daniel: the Basic Issues," by Gordon J. Wenham
  • "A Bibliographic Guide to the Study of the Reformation," by A. Skevington Wood
  • "The Four Kingdoms of Daniel 2 and 7," by Robert J. M. Gurney
  • "Approaching the Old Testament," by Alan R. Millard
  • "The Book of Daniel: Three Issues," by John E. Goldingay


Issue 2:1


  • "Why Were the Montanists Condemned?" by David F. Wright
  • "Paul Prays For the Church," by John R. W. Stott
  • "Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity," by I. Howard Marshall


Issue 1:3


  • "Shalom: Content For a Slogan," by David Gillett
  • "Jesus Christ Frees," by Nairobi Baptist Church
  • "The Meaning of Man in the Debate Between Christianity and Marxism, Part 2," by Andrew Kirk
  • "Nairobi 1975: A Crisis of Faith for the WCC," by Bruce Nicholls


Issue 1:2


  • "Resurrection and Immortality: Eight Theses," by Murray Harris
  • "The Meaning of Man in the Debate Between Christianity and Marxism," by Andrew Kirk
  • "The Poor Man’s Gospel," by Peter Davids
  • "The Way Home: An Exposition of Hosea 14," by Derek Kidner


Issue 1:1


  • "Preaching from the Patriarchs," by Robert P. Gordon
  • "Inerrancy and New Testament Exegesis," by R. T. France
  • "Hermeneutics and Biblical Authority," by J. I. Packer


D. A. Carson is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He has been at Trinity since 1978. Carson came to Trinity from the faculty of Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he also served for two years as academic dean. He has served as assistant pastor and pastor and has done itinerant ministry in Canada and the United Kingdom. Carson received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from McGill University, the Master of Divinity from Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto, and the Doctor of Philosophy in New Testament from the University of Cambridge. Carson is an active guest lecturer in academic and church settings around the world. He holds membership on the Council for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Carson has also written many books that have garnered international acclaim, including his award-winning title The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism.


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