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Products>God’s Kingdom through God’s Covenants: A Concise Biblical Theology

God’s Kingdom through God’s Covenants: A Concise Biblical Theology

, 2015
ISBN: 9781433541919
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In this abridgement of the groundbreaking book Kingdom through Covenant, a biblical scholar and a theologian offer readers an accessible overview of the overarching structure of the Bible. Tracing the significance of the concept of “covenant” through both the Old and New Testaments, this book charts a middle way between covenant theology and dispensationalism—exploring the covenantal framework undergirding the history of redemption.

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“ John Frame: systematic theology is ‘the application of God’s Word by persons to all areas of life.’12” (Page 24)

“The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how central and foundational ‘covenants’ are to the entire narrative plot structure of the Bible. One cannot fully understand Scripture and correctly draw theological conclusions from it without grasping how all of the biblical covenants unfold across time and find their telos, terminus, and fulfillment in Christ. We do not assert that the covenants are the central theme of Scripture. Instead, we assert that the covenants form the backbone of the Bible’s metanarrative and thus it is essential to ‘put them together’ correctly in order to discern accurately the ‘whole counsel of God’ (Acts 20:27).” (Page 17)

“‘Kingdom through covenant’ or ‘progressive covenantalism’ is our proposal for what is central to the Bible’s storyline. Progressive underscores the unfolding of God’s plan from old to new, while covenantalism stresses that God’s unified plan unfolds through the covenants, ultimately terminating and culminating in Jesus and the new covenant. Our triune God has only one plan of redemption, yet we discover what that plan is as we trace his salvation work through the biblical covenants. Each and every biblical covenant contributes to that one plan, but in order to grasp the full depth and breadth of that plan, we must understand each covenant in its own redemptive-historical context by locating that covenant in relation to what precedes it and what follows it.” (Page 19)


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Digital list price: $17.99
Save $4.00 (22%)