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Matthew (The Two Horizons New Testament Commentary | THNTC)

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In this latest addition to the Two Horizons New Testament Commentary series, biblical scholar Jeannine Brown and theologian Kyle Roberts together illuminate the Gospel of Matthew for pastors, scholars, and serious students of Scripture.

Including an original translation of the text along with section-by-section commentary, this volume features chapters on “thinking theologically with Matthew” about such themes as kingdom, Christology, the Holy Spirit, and discipleship. Brown and Roberts also offer constructive theological engagement with a number of contemporary viewpoints, including feminist, global, political, and ethical (post-Holocaust) perspectives. At once interdisciplinary and insightful, their commentary will appeal to a wide readership.

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Key Features

  • Discusses the theological themes of Matthew
  • Interacts with current viewpoints
  • Provides insights for students, pastors, scholars, as well as laity


Matthew Commentary

  • Introduction
  • Jesus’s Preparation for Ministry: Matthew 1:1–4:16
  • Jesus Teaches about the Kingdom: Matthew 4:17–7:29
  • Jesus Enacts the Kingdom: Matthew 8:1–11:1
  • Growing Opposition toward Jesus’s Ministry: Matthew 11:2–16:20
  • Jesus Teaches about His Coming Death: Matthew 16:21–20:28
  • Jesus Clashes with Jerusalem Leadership: Matthew 20:29–25:46
  • Jesus’s Passion and Resurrection: Matthew 26:1–28:20

Thinking Theologically with Matthew

  • Methods for Theological Engagement with Scripture
  • Thinking Theologically with Matthew: Kingdom
  • Thinking Theologically with Matthew: Christology
  • Thinking Theologically with Matthew: The Holy Spirit
  • Thinking Theologically with Matthew: Discipleship
  • The Meaning of “the Messiah’s Deeds”

Constructive Theological Engagement with Matthew

  • Contexts and Text in Conversation
  • Matthew’s Contribution to a New Testament Theology
  • Reading Matthew with Feminist Perspectives
  • Reading Matthew with Global Perspectives and Liberation Theologies
  • Reading Matthew Pastorally
  • Reading Matthew Politically
  • Reading Judaism Ethically in the Post-Holocaust Era

Top Highlights

“From the beginning of his Gospel, Matthew gives prominence to the theme of gentile inclusion.” (Page 35)

“It seems that for Matthew everyone in the faith community is responsible for maintaining the health and integrity of the whole.33 And we can hear in this passage the assumption that believers will sin and so will need ongoing restoration, accountability, and lavish forgiveness.” (Page 169)

“Across Matthew, Jesus’s mission is a holistic one that attends to people’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Mercy and justice, gospel proclamation and enactment—these are all woven into a holistic mission to disciple the nations into the ways of Jesus (28:19–20).” (Page 264)

“On the plot level of Matthew 2, the evangelist highlights kingship and, particularly, the conflict of rivaling kings—the conflict between Herod and Jesus, the rightful king of Israel.” (Page 33)

“The mission to ‘disciple’ (μαθητεύειν, mathēteuein) people is a mission of inculcating allegiance to Jesus as Messiah (see use of mathēteuein at 13:52 and 27:57).” (Page 263)

Product Details

About Jeannine K Brown

Jeannine K. Brown is professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary in San Diego. She is the author of a number of books, including Scripture as Communication: Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics.

About Kyle Roberts

Kyle Roberts is dean and professor of public theology at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. His other books include A Complicated Pregnancy: Whether Mary Was a Virgin and Why It Matters.

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