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New Visions of Isaiah

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This collection of essays arises from the lively discussions in the Formation of the Book of Isaiah Seminar of the Society of Biblical Literature. The essays exhibit the diversity that has always been present in the Seminar. Each contributor has a unique perspective and thus extends the frontiers of research on the book of Isaiah. Yet, taken as a whole, the essays fall into two broad groups, being either objective in their approach to the text—embracing historical-critical method or a synchronic approach in which text rather than reader is the focus—or postmodern, in the sense that meaning is in no small degree located in what the reader does. In addition to the editors, the contributors are Mark Biddle, David Carr, Edgar Conrad, Chris Franke, Kathryn Pfisterer Darr, Rolf Rendtorff, Gerald Sheppard, Benjamin Sommer, Gary Stansell, and Roy Wells.

Contributions to this volume include:

  • “The Book of Isaiah: A Complex Unity,” Rolf Rendtorff
  • “The Book of Isaiah as Prophetic Torah,” Marvin A. Sweeney
  • “Isaiah 28–33: Blest Be the Tie that Binds (Isaiah Together),” Gary Stansell
  • “Reversals of Fortune in the Ancient Near East: A Study of the Babylon Oracles in the Book of Isaiah,” Chris A. Franke
  • “Lady Zion’s Alter Egos: Isaiah 47:1–15 and 57:6–13 as Structural Counterparts,” Mark E. Biddle
  • “Isaiah as an Exponent of Torah: Isaiah 56:1–8,” Roy D. Wells, Jr.
  • “Allusions and Illusions: The Unity of the Book of Isaiah in Light of Deutero-Isaiah’s Use of Prophetic Tradition,” Benjamin D. Sommer
  • “Reading Isaiah from Beginning (Isaiah 1) to End (Isaiah 65–66): Multiple Modern Possibilities,” David M. Carr
  • “No Strength to Deliver: A Contextual Analysis of Hezekiah’s Proverb in Isaiah 37:3b,” Katheryn Pfisterer Darr
  • “The ‘Scope’ of Isaiah as a Book of Jewish and Christian Scriptures,” Gerald T. Sheppard
  • “Figurative Speech and the Reading of Isaiah 1 as Scripture,” Roy F. Melugin
  • “Prophet, Redactor and Audience: Reforming the Notion of Isaiah’s Formation,” Edgar W. Conrad
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Key Features

  • Examines the composition, meaning, and interpretive challenges in Isaiah
  • Discusses questions of authorship, historicity, and canonicity
  • All Scripture references linked to the Hebrew texts and English Bible translations in your library

Top Highlights

“Seven of the essays appear to be ‘objective’ in their approach to the text; they embrace either historical-critical method or a synchronic approach in which text rather than reader seems to be the focus. The remaining five essays are ‘postmodern’ in the sense that meaning is in no small degree located in what the reader does.” (Pages 20–21)

“Secondly, the final form of the book of Isaiah presupposes that the Temple has already been rebuilt (see Isa. 56; 60–62” (Page 57)

“diachronic considerations about the redactional process by which the book was given its form” (Page 18)

“but rather that of deliberate and intentional literary and theological work.” (Page 33)

Product Details

  • Title: New Visions of Isaiah
  • Editors: Roy F. Melugin and Marvin A. Sweeney
  • Publisher: Sheffield Academic Press
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Pages: 344

About the Editors

Roy Melugin is Professor of Religion at Austin College, Sherman, Texas.

Marvin A. Sweeney is Professor of Hebrew Bible at Claremont School of Theology and Professor of Religion at Claremont Graduate University.


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    Digital list price: $39.99
    Save $10.00 (25%)