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Deuteronomy (King James Version)

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The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible (POSB) is a practical, biblical commentary that will help you preach and teach the gospel. Much more than a commentary, it is a complete resource for expository and topical preaching. The POSB provides a plethora of resources needed to prepare biblical, life-changing sermons and lessons. Gain a lifetime of inspirational sermon material and simplify and enrich your personal study and preparation.

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“Introduction: the blessings of God are not automatically poured out upon people. God is not a robot, not a mechanical being that acts impulsively, on the spur of the moment without thought or purpose. The blessings of God are not the result of a reflex emotion that arouses God to bless this and that person. The blessings of God are not poured out indiscriminately, at random, in a chaotic manner. God demands something of a person before He blesses that person. God’s blessings are conditional. A person has to do something in order to receive God’s blessings. The blessings of God are the subject of the present passage.” (Page 343)

“How does a person guard against forgetting God? By praising the Lord for the promised land and its wonderful provisions.” (Page 153)

“How does a person guard against forgetting God? Remember God’s guidance through the wilderness wanderings. The word ‘remember’ (zakar) means to mark out, recognize, be mindful of, recount, record, bring to remembrance, consider, recall, remind, reflect on, review. It also has the idea of keeping or observing. That is, to remember something is to keep, observe, carry it out, do it. Standing there preaching to the people, Moses wanted them to remember God’s guidance through the wilderness wanderings.” (Page 151)

“The Israelites had to be a just people, a people ruled by law and justice, or else God would expel them from the promised land. They would lose their inheritance in the promised land.” (Page 240)

“d. The judge must follow justice and justice alone (v. 20).” (Page 241)

Leadership Ministries Worldwide is an international, non-denominational mission organization committed to the Great Commission by serving the servants of God. They create resources and offer training that makes it easy for anyone called to preach or teach to handle God’s Word with confidence.


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    Digital list price: $31.99
    Save $6.00 (18%)