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Message, Mission, and Unity of the Church

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The vision behind Message, Mission, and Unity of the Church is to stimulate fresh thinking on several critical issues relating to the doctrine of the church, so that it may bear a clearer witness to apostolic faith. The contributions of 17 respected and recognized Adventist scholars will advance your understanding of the significance of unity and the renewal of a passion for mission within contemporary Adventism.

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“The soteriological activity of the Godhead surfaces with particular force in regards to the salvation of the non-evangelized.” (Page 430)

“The covenant community was the beneficiary of this reconciling action and became God’s instrument in proclaiming it to the rest of the human race.” (Page 441)

“Walking with God4 refers to an intense awareness of His presence that determines one’s actions.” (Page 2)

“The problem with this statement is not with the list of beliefs,8 but its source of authority. The statement is considered to be true because it is what the Church teaches and not because it is the teaching of Scripture. Of course, for Irenaeus there was no difference between the two. The teaching of Scripture equals the teaching of the Church. However, his argument suggests that the teaching of the Church guarantees a correct reading of Scripture. This may not be a massive difference, but it certainly sets a dangerous precedent.” (Page 158)

“What I am suggesting is that God has not left Himself without witnesses among nations living in deep spiritual darkness.” (Page 437)

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez is part-time associate director of the Biblical Research Institute, having retired from leading that organization. Previously he was president of Antillian College and the academic vice president of Southwestern Adventist University. He earned his ThD in biblical theology from Andrews University. His special research interests include Old Testament, Sanctuary and Atonement, and Old Testament Theology. He has written several books, and authors a monthly column in Adventist World.


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Digital list price: $11.36
Save $2.37 (20%)