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Losing Touch with the Living God: The Message of Malachi

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For many people, their Christian life has become indifferent. Faith has lost its edge and the great enthusiasm which followed their conversion has gradually cooled. The Christian life has become comfortable and easy. It almost seems as if they are losing touch with the living God.

While this may be a description of ourselves and even of the church today, it was the state of Israel at the time of Malachi. The prophet addresses the problem of spiritual degeneration, the fossilizing of our faith, and through Malachi God challenges and accuses Israel about their spiritual condition.

In this volume, John Benton shows how Malachi's book is a call from lax and hallow religion and points the way back to genuine, enduring faith in the Lord who does not change.

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“The general principle which Malachi establishes, then, is that people lose contact with God by dealing treacherously with others of God’s people. Wickedly violating the unity of the church will stifle God’s blessing.” (Page 54)

“What is the gist of the book of Malachi? It addresses this problem of spiritual degeneration, this fossilizing of faith. It is a book where God’s people Israel are in the dock and God is charging them and accusing them concerning their spiritual decline.” (Page 16)

“Malachi’s book is a call to repentance from lax and hollow religion and, even more important, it shows the way back to genuine enduring faith in the Lord who does not change (3:6). It is the antidote to spiritual degeneration.” (Page 16)

“The Christian is not ruled by the giving of a tenth; the Christian is to give sacrificially. Surely that is the governing factor.” (Page 105)

“Firstly, people can start talking like this when they forget to see the present in the light of the future judgement of God.” (Page 115)

  • Title: Losing Touch with the Living God: The Message of Malachi
  • Author: John Benton
  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
  • Series: Welwyn Commentary Series
  • Publication Date: 1993
  • Pages: 144

John Benton is pastor of Chertsey Street Baptist Church, Guildford, England, and editor of Evangelicals Now.


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    Digital list price: $8.99
    Save $2.00 (22%)