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A House of Prayer: The Message of 2 Chronicles

ISBN: 9780852344804

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The book of 2 Chronicles continues the narrative of 1 Chronicles with the reign of Solomon, the most glorious period in the whole history of Israel, and focuses especially on the construction and dedication of the temple as the place where God was to be worshipped in the way he had appointed. Following the division of the kingdom, the Chronicler concentrates almost exclusively on the history of Judah and the godly remnant who remained loyal to the line of David and to the worship of the temple. The book ends on a note of promise as the first exiles prepare to return to the land and rebuild the temple after the seventy years of captivity of Babylon.

Throughout, we see that even though God's people may repudiate his covenant with them, God himself remains faithful to his covenant promises. Above all, we are pointed forward to Christ, in whom the promises both of the Messianic King and the temple find their ultimate fulfillment.

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“It must have amazed the people to see their king, who bowed to no man, bowing on his knees before God. Many of them came to him for counsel, and some came to plead for mercy. In those days ordinary people came before their king on their knees. Yet Solomon acknowledged that his royal authority came from ‘one greater than Solomon’, the ‘King of kings’. As he prayed, Solomon opened, or ‘spread out his hands towards heaven’ (6:13) to receive whatever the Lord would give. He was saying, ‘Your will be done, for it is always good.” (Page 66)

“Although they did not lay a hand upon their enemies to defeat them, they did look to the Lord. This is evident from 20:20–21.” (Page 227)

“They were using the weapons of David to restore the son of David to the throne of David.” (Page 261)

“He was not a great speaker, or an important person, but he had a great message” (Page 223)

“Jehoshaphat quoted directly from the prayer of his ancestor, Solomon” (Page 221)

This eminently helpful commentary opens up this often neglected book, and points out the emphases that make this history distinctive from the history recorded in Kings. Most importantly it continually points us to Christ, the fulfillment of the temple with which 2 Chronicles opens; and teaches us how to understand much of the Old Testament's history and how it relates to Christ.

—Mark Loughridge, Pastor, Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland

  • Title: A House of Prayer: The Message of 2 Chronicles
  • Author: Andrew Stewart
  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
  • Series: Welwyn Commentary Series
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 480

Andrew Stewart is the minister of Glenmanus Reformed Presbyterian Church, Portrush, Northern Ireland. He was born and educated in Northern Ireland. He studied law at Queen's University, Belfast before going on to study theology at the Reformed Theological College, Belfast and the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh. He also serves as Clerk of the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland.


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