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Products>Florida College Annual Lectures (1974–2011) (38 vols.)

Florida College Annual Lectures (1974–2011) (38 vols.)

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The Florida College Annual Lectures (1974–2011) brings you thirty-eight years of the college’s annual lectures series in complete written form. Prior to the first published lecture series in 1974, only content outlines were available.

Each volume includes fifteen or more lectures from contributors from various biblical fields, and focus on a specific theme. These themes deal with modern issues and are supported by recent scholarship. Learn what true worship entails. Discover how God can restore your life. Challenge yourself to share the gospel message. The Florida College Annual Lectures (1974–2011) (38 vols.) contains both informative and stimulating topics that allow you to apply the biblical principles found in its lectures to your daily walk with Christ.

With Logos, every word is essentially a link! Scripture references are linked directly to the Bibles in your library—both the original language texts and English translations. Logos Bible Software allows you to quickly move from the table of contents to your desired content and search entire volumes and collections by topic, title, or Scripture reference, making Logos the perfect software to expand your understanding of the Word.

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  • Addresses contemporary issues from a biblical perspective
  • Includes solid biblical teaching
  • Provides practical ways to apply God's principles to daily life
  • Title: Florida College Annual Lectures (1974–2011)
  • Publisher: Florida College Bookstore
  • Volumes: 38
  • Pages: 8,669
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10 ratings

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  1. Brandon James Trout
    I don't know who saw to it to make these available in Logos format, but thank you!
  2. Faithlife User
  3. David Groseth

    David Groseth


    Since there is no Type:Lecture all 38 of these are in the catch all Type:Monograph - If you want to browse through them in your library, search for series:florida or series:flo - For all lecture series search for series:lectu - also try title:lectu and tag:lectu -or combine 2 or 3 with a search like series:lectu OR title:lectu OR tag:lectu
  4. Norm Fields

    Norm Fields


    This is a set I would sure love to have! Just for the chapters by Homer Hailey, if nothing else. I'll have to put this on my Birthday/Father's Day/Christmas list.
  5. Wallace Scaife
  6. John F. Maddocks
    Fantastic resource, and what a wonderful surprise to discover they're available on Logos. Will future volumes, 2012 on, be added?
  7. Jaycu49



  8. Bill Shewmaker
  9. Tim Caldwell

    Tim Caldwell


  10. Bill Cook

    Bill Cook


    It seems Logos has done job of reproducing this set. I rec'd them yesterday and am thrilled as a Florida College alum. These are classics and well written, scripturally based lectures.
Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Regular price: $109.99
Save $27.50 (25%)