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A Passion for Christ: The Vision that Ignites Ministry

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In a culture increasingly secular in its pursuits and indifferent to the voice of the church, how may we ignite the fire for ministry that will bring the gospel to the world? How can weary pastors be sustained amidst a climate of doubt and resistance? For more than half a century, three remarkable brothers have offered a vision that has inspired thousands in churches and seminaries. Today, their message remains fresh and relevant as we enter a new millennium. And for one reason: The Brothers Torrance share a passion for Christ—the Christ of the Scriptures, the Christ of the historic Nicene faith. These essays distill the essence of their thought, and shine with the clarity of their shared vision. A Passion for Christ is a light of encouragement for ministers and lay people elsewhere.

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“What the Father is and does, Jesus is and does. And what Jesus is and does, the Father is and does. There is in fact no God behind the back of Jesus, no act of God other than the act of Jesus, no God but the God we see and meet in him.” (Page 8)

“Son but freely delivered him up for us all in atoning sacrifice, the Cross became a window into the innermost heart of God and the nature of his Love. It tells us that God loves us more than he loves himself.” (Page 14)

“I believe we have to stress again and again the fact that in the Incarnation and the Cross, Christ has penetrated into the darkest depths of our abject human misery and perdition where he takes our place, intercedes for us, substitutes himself for us, and makes the atoning restitution which we could not make, thereby reconciling us to God in the Holy Spirit as his dear children.” (Page 24)

“that perfect submission to the verdict of guilty? What we cannot do, God has done for us in Christ” (Page 49)

“To think of God only in heaven and of Jesus only a man on the Cross, leaves us in utter darkness and despair. But put God on the Cross, let Jesus Christ be God himself incarnate, who refused to be alone or without us, but insisted on penetrating into the heart of our sin and violence and unappeasable agony in order to take it all upon himself and to save us, and the whole picture is transformed. Then Jesus Christ, even in the midst of our death which he made his own, even, even in the midst of our betrayal of him, is the very Word and Hand of God stretched out to save us, the very heart of God Almighty beating with the pulse of his infinite love within the depth of our lost humanity in order to vanquish and do away with everything that separates us from God.” (Pages 13–14)


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    Digital list price: $13.99
    Save $3.00 (21%)