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Products>The Jewish War, Vols. 1–3: Books 1–7

The Jewish War, Vols. 1–3: Books 1–7

ISBN: 9780674995680

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This volume contains H. St. J. Thackeray’s translation of The Jewish War.

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“I shall therefore begin my work at the point where the historians of these events and our prophets conclude” (Volume 1, Page 11)

“But if she ruled the nation, the Pharisees ruled her.” (Volume 1, Page 55)

“Beside Alexandra,* and growing as she grew, aroseb the Pharisees, a body of Jews with the reputation of excelling the rest of their nation in the observances of religion, [111] and as exact exponents of the laws. To them, being herself intensely religious, she listened with too great deference; while they, gradually taking advantage of an ingenuous woman, became at length the real administrators of the state, at liberty to banish and to recall, [112] to loose and to bind, whom they would.” (Volume 1, Pages 53–55)

“The high priest Onias made his escape to Ptolemy and, obtaining from him a site in the nome of Heliopolis, built a small town on the model of Jerusalem and a temple resembling ours.” (Volume 1, Page 19)

“Antony and Caesar left the senate-house with Herod between them, preceded by the consuls and the other magistrates” (Volume 1, Page 135)


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Digital list price: $19.99
Save $5.00 (25%)