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Exploring Theology (Foundations for Learning)

ISBN: 9781451488913

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In Exploring Theology, Elaine A. Robinson introduces readers to the study of theology as a central task of all Christians and one that deserves careful and consistent attention. Following a lively examination of what theology is and how we do it, Robinson provides a basic map of the major doctrines of the faith and asks readers to consider their own beliefs at this important point in their journey. She invites readers to think of theology as a stream into which we enter and which carries us deeper into the vast ocean which is the fullness of God.

Designed for those who are beginning a more serious study of theology, Exploring Theology helps readers navigate what might, at first glance, appear as a confusing or abstract subject. Navigational aids include an introduction to theological vocabulary, the sources and methods of theology, and tips for reading primary sources as a spiritual discipline. As a result of this journey, readers will be excited to delve more deeply into theology and will recognize the many ways that theology shapes how we live out the Christian faith in the world.

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“central or perhaps unifying concept is Christian hope” (Page 135)

“Ultimately, this interpretative process is aimed at the transformation of both church and society for the sake of the flourishing of all persons.” (Page 80)

“We are limited in our physical and intellectual capacities, as well as by time and space, but God is limitless” (Page 12)

“First, our unexamined beliefs and expressions of faith can do as much harm as good. Second, we are all theologians in a very real sense. We are all speaking of and trying to making sense of God and God’s presence and will for humanity and the whole of creation. We are trying to make sense of our human lives. Yet the quality of that theological reflection may differ greatly. Third, the more carefully we begin to explore questions of faith, the more exciting, meaningful, and faithful our Christian journey becomes. Rather than somehow undermining our faith, this process of asking questions leads us into a deeper and richer relationship with God, as well as a more fulfilling life in the world. It makes us better able to be in ministry to others.” (Page 11)

“We cannot think our way to God, despite the claims of rationalists.” (Page 84)

Academic Dean and Associate Professor of United Methodist Studies and Theology at Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University.


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    Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


    Regular price: $14.99
    Save $3.75 (25%)