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Called into Crisis

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You know it’s coming.

The call. The alarming call. Something is dreadfully wrong, and you’re called to do something to help.

No time to hesitate. No time to hand off the responsibility to someone else. Time only to pray and go. And be God’s stand-in in time of crisis. Exactly when the ugliest, harshest blows fall, the call goes out for a pastor. Probably you.

You’ve been there before. You know you’ll be there again when the newborn dies. You’ll be summoned when the blood had barely dried following a suicide. Your phone will ring when the marriage bond is stretched taut.

You’ll be there, but will you be able to redeem the crisis?

This book contains the insights and wisdom of pastors and counselors who have answered the call into crisis. They’ve been there many times. And they know what to do. And when. And how. Here’s their best counsel on the nine problems pastors identified as the most difficult and prevalent calls into crisis.

This is the eighteenth volume of THE LEADERSHIP LIBRARY, a continuing series from LEADERSHIP, the practical journal for church leaders published by Christianity Today, Inc. Others in the series include: Well-Intentioned Dragons, Learning to Lead and The Contemplative Pastor.

More than a collection of theory, THE LEADERSHIP LIBRARY provides practical, proven ways to handle the most difficult aspects of Christian leadership.

Product Details

  • Title: Called into Crisis
  • Author: James D. Berkley
  • Publisher: Christianity Today; Word Books
  • Publication Date: 1989

James D. Berkley is the editor of Your Church and contributing editor of Leadership journal. He has served as a pastor for more than 20 years and is the author of Making the Most of Mistakes, Preaching to Convince, and Called into Crisis.


Digital list price: $10.99
Save $2.00 (18%)