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Westminster Theological Journal Volume 48

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Westminster Theological Journal, Volume 48.

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“Every interpreter comes to his text with certain presuppositions about its nature and the appropriate methods of understanding its material content. Usually these assumptions are unexpressed, and often the interpreter is not even aware that he has such assumptions.” (Page 281)

“Disagreements in interpretation arise from differing views of the relation of divine and human authorship. The chief question is this: what is the relationship between what God says to us through the text and what the human author says?” (Page 243)

“In regard to the Patristic period, it is a strange but interesting fact that while there is ample evidence of belief in the descent of Christ into hell, early in the period there is no reference to 1 Pet 3:18–20 in support of the view.” (Page 309)

“Offerings can be analyzed broadly into two classes: voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary offerings include the ‘sin offering’ (ḥaṭṭāʾt) and the ‘guilt offering’ (ʾas̆am).14 These sacrifices make ‘atonement’ (kpr)15 and involved shedding blood for removal of sin.” (Page 365)

“A fourth line of interpretation takes the passage as a reference to Christ in his preexistent state preaching in the days of Noah.” (Page 309)


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