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Pocket Dictionary of Ethics

, 2003
ISBN: 9780830867042
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Ethics is as old as the city-state and as new as cyberspace. Guided by the wagon tracks of moral tradition, it nevertheless rides the cutting edge of science and technology. Increasingly, it is moving into the corner offices of law, business, medicine, science, and technology. But few of us arrive in our first ethics class—or take our seat on an ethics committee—with a grip on the range of ideas and thinkers, perspectives, and pitfalls that make up this ancient conversation about what is good and right and moral. We may feel like college math students who slipped through high school without learning algebra. Not only does this brief and convenient reference book take you where your desktop dictionary was not designed to go, it doubles as your basic A-to-Z survey or refresher course in ethics.

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Top Highlights

“Søren *Kierkegaard asserted that anxiety was one of the markers of true *freedom of choice.” (Page 10)

“Jesus Christ as the standard for character and suggests that character stems from a life of *faith in Jesus Christ.” (Page 18)

“The concept of moral development arises from the observation that human beings are not born morally mature” (Page 76)

“Today, stewardship is generally understood in a more holistic or all-inclusive sense” (Page 113)

“decisions about how we should live and what kind of persons we ought to be.” (Page 5)


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    Digital list price: $13.99
    Save $6.00 (42%)