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Dictionary of Latin Forms

, 2012

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This Dictionary of Latin Forms for Logos Bible Software was created using William Whitaker’s WORDS Latin-English Dictionary Program. It contains the WORDS output for over 300,000 possible forms taken from important Latin texts in the Logos Library. Each article contains the WORDS output for a particular word form, so that you can instantly look up parsings and definitions for just about any Latin word in any Logos resource.

Resource Experts
  • Instant access to parsing and definitions for over 300,000 forms
  • Keyed to important Latin texts in the Logos Library
  • Ability to search for any Latin root word
  • Title: Dictionary of Latin Forms
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software
  • Publication Date: 2012


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  1. Matthew



  2. Kelly Fleming

    Kelly Fleming


  3. T. L. Murphy,DMin
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  7. Jalu Kaba

    Jalu Kaba


  8. Jooeun Lee

    Jooeun Lee


  9. Richard C. Hammond, Jr.
  10. Ron Rothenberg
    If you want to do Latin translation and you are not a linguist or expert in Latin, then this tool is very helpful to have alongside other Latin translation resources. The free program version of this book avaliable on the interent is a more powerful translation resource, but this Logos book is a good compliment and unlike the program may be cited if necessary.