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Von Soden Greek New Testament (4 vols.)

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The focus of textual criticism is analyzing the history and transmission of a text. With the wealth of New Testament manuscripts that have been preserved from antiquity, scholars have been able to reconstruct for us a trustworthy and reliable text of the New Testament we can trust and use in our daily studies.

Hermann von Soden’s Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments, originally published in four volumes from 1902–13, is an important contribution to the study and history of the New Testament text. Von Soden introduced a new theory of classifying manuscripts, thus making his critical edition of the Greek text a essential tool for the student of the New Testament.

With Logos, you can incorporate von Soden’s critical text into your study of textual variants. When opened side-by-side with the Nestle-Aland and Tischendorf apparatuses, you have the amazing opportunity to see for yourself the history and transmission of the New Testament text.

For the scholar who knows German, the introductory material (vol. 1–3) will be a valuable resource for understanding von Soden's methodology and conclusions.

  • Complete text of the Greek New Testament
  • Von Soden's own critical apparatus
  • Three volumes of critical introductory material (In German)
  • Title: Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments
  • Author: Hermann von Soden
  • Publisher: A. Duncker
  • Publication Date: 1902–13
  • Pages: 3,114
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Hermann von Soden (1852–1914) was a German biblical scholar educated at the University of Tübingen. He ministered at Dresden-Striesenand, and the Jerusalem Church in Berlin. He was also Professor of Divinity at the University of Berlin. Von Soden was the author of Philipperbrief and “Untersuchungen über Neutestamentliche Schriften” in Protestantisches Jahrbuch für theologische Studien und Schriftkommentar.

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  1. Clint Yale

    Clint Yale


    I have all the text files to produce this edition. Including Gregory-Aland numbers embedded. It has been done for years. It just needs to be tweeked into the Logos Format. It includes the Von Soden Greek New Testament and the complete critical apparatus encoded in sgml. all four volumes have been done.
  2. Whyndell Grizzard
    eally this needs a good push- I went with $20
  3. Jim Lowther

    Jim Lowther


    I can't believe more people have not had an interest in this. This is an opportunity to own a classic and foundational work in New testament textual criticism at an unbelievable price. Anyone who has studied NT Greek, whether they German or not, should be ale to use the NT Greek text, and the textual apparatus is very full (fuller than the UBS text) and represents a helpful contrast to both WH and UBS/NA.


Collection value: $39.95
Save $7.96 (19%)

Gathering interest