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Prayer, Praise & Prophecy: A Theology of the Psalms

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In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam and Eve face to face—then the fall separated us. The Psalms are God's gift to us to help reestablish contact, understand his mind and how to connect with him.

Geoffrey Grogan seeks to introduce us to some of the theological dimensions of this important and much loved biblical book such as:

  • How have the Psalms been interpreted throughout History?
  • Who wrote the Psalms and is there a purpose in their structure?
  • What were the Psalms used for and how should we use them today?
  • What do the Psalms teach us about God?
  • How are the Psalms fulfilled in Christ?
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  • Includes bibliography and index
  • All Scripture references linked to original language texts and English translations

Top Highlights

“The conclusion to the Book of Psalms certainly appears to be that after all the trials and tribulations of the life of faith there will come to those who continue to believe an unclouded vision and the purest praise of God.” (Pages 22–23)

“Wilson was interested in the fivefold structure of the book, and he pointed to evidence that it had been organised with special emphasis on the kingship theme, and that one purpose of the present arrangement is to turn attention away from confidence in the Davidic kingship to recognition of the supreme kingship of Yahweh.” (Page 34)

“As devotional literature, however, the psalms seem at first sight to be more response to revelation than themselves revelation, for true Biblical devotion is always responsive.” (Page 11)

“Martin Luther called this book, ‘a Bible in miniature’” (Page 19)

“His comments on their interpretation are notable for their balance, for he avoided unjustifiable dogmatism about the significance of particular psalms and refused to see hidden meanings in them. He tended to think more in terms of typology than of precise prediction in seeking an interpretation of a psalm in terms of Christ.” (Page 29)

This is a volume that is written with reverence, care and clarity, and is a significant addition to evangelical literature on the Psalms.

—John L MacKay, Principal, Free Church College, Edinburgh

Written with both clarity and conviction, this study offers many fresh insights, while throughout affirming passionately the great central truths of the Christian faith.

—T Desmond Alexander, Union Theological College, Belfast

Geoffrey Grogan's name is sufficient to guarantee a quality work, a high doctrine of Scripture and impeccable scholarship. This very full introduction to the Book of Psalms makes one hope that the author has in mind a full-scale commentary to follow.

—Alec Motyer, Well known Bible expositor and commentary writer

Combines sound scholarship, illuminating insight, thoughtful reflection with a faithful concern for highlighting the pastoral relevance of the Book of Psalms to the Christian's life in the real world.

—Eryl Rowlands, formerly of International Christian College, Glasgow

  • Title: Prayer, Praise & Prophecy: A Theology of the Psalms
  • Author: Geoffrey Grogan
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Pages: 336

Geoffrey W. Grogan was Principal Emeritus of Glasgow Bible College before it became International Christian College, Glasgow. His theological studies were undertaken there and at the London Bible College. He served the College as a full-time lecturer for fourteen years before going south in 1965 to teach at LBC. In 1969 he returned to Glasgow as principal. He has served on four missionary councils, on the Strathclyde Education Committee and the Management Committee for the Cambridge University Diploma in Religious Studies. He has written books on the Trinity, the Person of Christ, Paul, the Psalms, and commentaries on Isaiah, Mark, and 2 Corinthians. He is now retired and has been a part-time pastor in a Baptist Church.


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    Digital list price: $22.99
    Save $4.00 (17%)