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Luther’s Works (55 vols.)

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No other person is more identified with the Reformation than Martin Luther. Luther’s work, including his Ninety-Five Theses—which he nailed to the door of the Wittenberg Church in 1517—is credited with helping to spark the Protestant Reformation and laying the foundation for the Lutheran church. Now, Logos Bible Software has partnered with Fortress Press and Concordia Publishing House to offer the entire 55-volume set of Luther’s Works for download.

This massive collection contains Luther’s exposition and commentary on Scripture as well as his sermons, theological writings, and other materials. The final volume in the set contains an index of quotations, proper names, and topics. It’s the largest collection of Luther’s works available anywhere—and now you can download the entire set for use in Logos Bible Software.

This decades-long project contains the standard scholarly set of Luther’s Works, an essential collection for pastors, theologians, and historians in the Lutheran tradition. And as a special bonus, you’ll also get the Tappert edition of The Book of Concord.

Looking for more books in the series? Luther’s Works Upgrade (3 vols.) is available.

Resource Experts
  • Fifty-five volumes of Luther’s translated work
  • Includes descriptions, lectures, sermons, and other texts from Luther
  • Ideal for historians, preachers, and theological seminary students
  • Detailed index with topics, names, and quotations
. . . Pastors, scholars and interested laypeople can acquire a first-rate collection at a remarkably affordable price.

—Mark U. Edwards Jr., Christian Century, January 16-23, 2002

Every Lutheran seminarian and pastor needs this collection. . . I am in bliss.

—Bob Schaefer, M.Div. student, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota

Greatly inspired by the depths of Luther’s insight. . . As Lutherans we have an asset here and we should never forget that.

—Dale L. Johnson, Salem Lutheran Church, Rockford, Illinois

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The reformer Martin Luther stands as one of the most significant figures in Western history. His distinction as the father of the Protestant Reformation is augmented by his innovative use of new technology (the printing press), his translation of the Christian Bible into the vernacular, and his impact upon European society. Born in 1483 to middle-class parents in Saxony, eastern Germany, he became an Augustinian monk, a priest, a professor of biblical literature, a reformer, a husband and father. He died in 1546 after having witnessed the birth of a renewal movement that would result in a profound shift in faith, politics, and society. He has been both praised and vilified for what he preached and wrote. His thought continues to influence all Christians and to animate the movement that bears his name.

About the Editors

Jaroslav Pelikan (1923-2006) served as a Sterling professor of history emeritus at Yale University. He authored more than 30 books, including The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine, widely acknowledged as the foremost history of its kind, and, more recently, Mary Through the Centuries. During his life he received honorary degrees from universities all over the world, as well as medals and awards from many scholarly societies and institutions, including the Jefferson Award of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the highest honor conferred by the U.S. government on a scholar in the humanities. He was also immediate past president of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Helmut T. Lehmann, internationally known historian, teacher, and Martin Luther scholar, earned his ThD from Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany. He was a Schieren Professor Emeritus of History of Christianity at The Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.


44 ratings

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  1. Hayden Folks

    Hayden Folks


    Having these available in Logos has been extremely helpful for research and preaching. The search ability is great, but even better is reading through a topic and seeing the footnote that Luther addressed this or that in another volume and being able to immediately click and be there.
  2. Glenn Crouch

    Glenn Crouch


    Wonderful to have completed the journey through these 55 Volumes. It has covered Commentaries, Liturgy, Letters, Theology, and Dinner Table Discussions. It has included painful and disappointing bits, and it has included words of great majesty and insight. I am very grateful the work that went into producing these in English, and in presenting them in such an accessible format. I am even more pleased that CPH is publishing new volumes, so my reading is not yet over! :)
  3. Logosed



    At last this magnificent set of Luther's Works edited by the extraordinary Sterling Professor of History at Yale, Jaroslav Pelikan, is available. The original book form of this series numbers 55 volumes, all of which are essential and intriguing reading for students of theology. Luther himself needs no introduction, nor recommendation, and students of theology are advised to immerse themselves in Luther from an early stage in their theological journey. For preaching purposes, as an academic resource, and for immediate access to relevant sections of Luther's Works, this set is absolutely essential--a must have.
  4. Tong Lin

    Tong Lin


    Luther is the very best theologian & Bible interpreter. So, I have high expectation on these 55 volumes I bought in Logos 8, but I really feel very sorry to find out that in the limited volumes I just started to read, there are many missing important sources, for example, in volume 10: First Lectures on the Psalms 1-75, Psalms 19-26 completely missing (included Psalm 22, most important Messiah Psalms and one of my favorites Psalm 23, and I just read the beginning of this volume). Furthermore, Vol. 25 Lectures on Romans, his famous works, very far away from the Lectures on Romans that was tran. by J. Theodore Mueller, Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 1993. I contacted Customer Support of Logos and Concordia, but these problems have not been solved. Concordia replied to me: "They are not comprehensive of everything Luther wrote so you will find things not included in the volumes that you may find elsewhere. We have no plans to include what is missing...". I bought these 55 Volumes for research purpose, I am very sorry for such quality. I had trusted the publishers, but I think readers should know these missing parts...
  5. Joel Wagner

    Joel Wagner


    Excellent resource, the most affordable way to get Luther's Works.
  6. Zach Moore

    Zach Moore


  7. John R Lee

    John R Lee


    Martin Luther is THE VERY BEST theologian that I have ever been in spiritual contact. John
  8. chad



    Fantastic Resource!
  9. Jake Bobby

    Jake Bobby


    searchable Luther...yes please! You won't be disappointed.
  10. Yakub Kartawidjaja
    Great books!


Collection value: $1,810.73
Save $1,551.73 (85%)
Payment plans available in cart