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The Works of Rudolf Stier (12 vols.)

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The Works of Rudolf Stier (12 vols.) includes all of the English translations of the German Protestant churchman and mystic Rudolf Ewald Stier. Stier's timeless 8-volume commentary series, The Words of the Lord Jesus, provides in-depth focus on the words and sayings of Jesus in the gospels. By unpacking the words of Jesus, Stier's commentaries engage the nuances and subtext behind each dialogue, revealing deep meaning and extraordinary joy found beneath the surface. Stier follows the same format in Words of the Apostles, his detailed study of the dialogues of the apostles found in Acts, and in The Words of the Angels, Stier explores the impact and meaning of the words spoken by the messengers of God.

  • Nine volumes on the words of Jesus
  • Focused studies on the words of the apostles and the words of angels
  • Biography of Rudolf Stier included
  • Over 5,000 pages of fully searchable and linked text
The whole work is a treasury of thoughtful exposition.


It is a storehouse of information and practical suggestion for ministers, among whom it has had a wide circulation.

Friedrich Augustus Tholuck

  • Title: The Works of Rudolf Stier
  • Author: Rudolf Stier
  • Volumes: 12
  • Pages: 5,336
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Rudolf Stier (1800–1862) entered the University of Berlin to study law, but abandoned that idea for his love of poetry. As a consequence of the unexpected death of a young woman he loved, his focus turned to theology and he entered the pastoral seminary in Wittenberg where he devoted himself to a comprehensive study of the Bible. Stier was a pastor at Frankenleben from 1829–1838 and at Wichlinghausen from 1838–1847. In 1850 he was called to the office of superintendent at Schkeuditz, then was superintendent at Eisleben from 1859 until his death. He was the author and translator of numerous books and commentaries, but is chiefly known for his devotional and mystical commentaries The Words of the Lord Jesus.


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