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Paul as Pastor

ISBN: 9780567677914

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Paul as Pastor demonstrates the critical nature of Paul’s pastoral care to his identity and activities. Despite the fact that Paul never identifies himself as a pastor, there is much within the Pauline letters that alludes to this as a possible aspect of Paul’s vocation and commitments, and this has been a topic of relative scholarly neglect. The contributors to this volume consider the household setting of Paul’s pastoral practice, the evidence of Acts, and a survey of themes in each of the letters in the traditional Pauline corpus. Additionally, three chapters supply case studies of the Wirkungsgeschichte of Paul’s pastoral practice in the pastoral offices of the Anglican Communion in the denomination’s Ordinal, and in the lives and thought of Augustine of Hippo and George Whitfield. As such Paul as Pastor provides a stimulating resource on a neglected and critical dimension of Paul and his letters and an invaluable tool for those in pastoral ministry and those responsible for their training.

Resource Experts
  • Presents a variety of viewpoints from well-respected New Testament scholars
  • Examines the possible evidence of Paul’s pastoral practice through his biblical works
  • “The Household Setting of Paul’s Pastoral Practice and its Biblical and Jewish Roots,” by Brian S. Rosner
  • “Paul as Pastor in Acts: Modelling and Teaching Perseverance in the Faith,” by Alan J. Thompson
  • “Paul as Pastor in Romans: Theological Foundations,” by Colin G. Kruse
  • “Paul’s Pastoral Sensitivity in 1 Corinthians,” by Matthew R. Malcolm
  • “Paul as Pastor in 2 Corinthians,” by Paul Barnett
  • “Pastoring with a Big Stick: Paul as Pastor in Galatians,” by Michael F. Bird and John Anthony Dunne
  • “Paul and Pastors in Ephesians: The Pastor as Teacher,” by Peter C. Orr
  • “Paul and Pastors in Philippians: When Staff Teams Disagree,” by Sarah Harris
  • “Paul as Pastor in Colossians?,” by andrew S. Malone
  • “Mother, Father, Infant, Orphan, Brother: Paul’s Variegated Pastoral Strategy Towards His Thessalonian Church Family,” by Trevor J. Burke
  • “Paul as Working Pastor: Exposing an Open Ethical Secret,” by Robert W. Yarbrough
  • “The Pastoral Offices in the Pastoral Epistles and the Church of England’s First Ordinal,” by Tim Patrick
  • “Augustine of Hippo on Paul as Pastor,” by Andrew M. Bain
  • “‘He Followed Paul’: Whitefield’s Heroic, Apostolic and Prophetic Voice,” by Rhys S. Bezzant

Top Highlights

“Ephesians and Colossians endeavour to foster a lifestyle consistent with salvation in Christ.” (Page 3)

“All of these matters fall under the larger theme of pastoral theology and practice, broadly defined.” (Page 3)

“The word ‘pastor’ (ποιμήν) is found in Eph. 4:11, but Paul never calls himself a pastor” (Page 1)

“Galatians, 1 and 2 Corinthians and Romans were written in order to heal potential or real divisions in the churches” (Page 3)

“Being an apostle meant that Paul was seized and sent by Jesus Christ” (Page 1)

It is striking that Paul is remembered and valued more as a theologian than as a pastor, despite the fact that he wrote almost all his letters primarily as a pastor, dealing with the problems which his churches confronted and the challenges which they posed to his understanding of the gospel and its outworking at community level. This volume will help set the record straight, with a sequence of thought-provoking, stimulating and some excellent treatments.

—James D.G. Dunn, Durham University, UK

Most scholars would acknowledge that Paul’s missionary purpose goes well beyond producing converts to the making of mature disciples. Most would also affirm that all of Paul’s theology is ‘task theology’ - theological truth brought to bear on specific situations in the life of the church. If both these are true, then Paul is not only a theologian and a missionary, but also (and especially!) a pastor. This volume brings together an exceptional array of scholars to deal with this important topic in Pauline studies. It is a welcome and much needed addition to the corpus of Pauline studies.

—Mark L. Strauss, Bethel Seminary, USA

No doubt some will think a volume titled Paul as Pastor is looking for ‘potatoes in a bean field,’ but not so. The contributors deftly probe various dimensions of the apostle’s ‘shepherding’ ministry manifested in his letters and Acts, demonstrating that Paul had a pastor’s heart, a pastor’s pattern of life and work, and a pastor’s impact on local communities of faith. Applying this particular lens to reflection on the New Testament not only makes a unique contribution to an underserved theme in biblical studies, it promotes right thinking about our approaches to ministry in the twenty-first century.

—George H. Guthrie, Regent College, Canada

Brimming with insights directly relevant to Christian pastoral ministry, this is no dry academic tome but a careful guide into the pastoral heart of Paul. Paul as Pastor strikes the right balance in appreciating Paul’s missionary preaching alongside his pastoral care and devotion to the early Christian communities in which he ministered. These essays are sure to be of encouragement to ministers in the church.

—Darian Lockett, Biola University, USA

Brian S. Rosner has a PhD from Cambridge University, UK, and is principal of Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia.

Andrew S. Malone is lecturer in Biblical Studies and dean of Ridley Online at Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of Knowing Jesus in the Old Testament? and numerous essays and journal articles.

Trevor J. Burke teaches New Testament in the Cambridge Theological Federation, UK.


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